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Mar 21, 2007 09:02 AM

House of Wong, Somerville NJ

When will House of Wong be open again? They closed last April to reopen in a new location in Bridgewater.... not open yet - the construction looks delayed. I MISS it so much - we used to go there almost every Friday night. I am not a Chinese food expert - I can't even tell you the specific cuisine there. All I know is that their egg rolls, Chicken and Broccoli and pan fried vegetable dumplings were to die for! Any place with similar food anyone knows of? To keep us sane until the reopening? All the other Chinese we've tried in its place has stunk... :( HELP!

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  1. I am truly shocked and dismayed that you have been eating Chinese food! Don't you know it's bad for you? Full of salt and fat - hmmm, maybe that's why it tastes good.

    Of course, Mexican and Italian may be even worse.

    Have you tried Wasabi in Somerville? I have not been yet but it's supposed to have different Asian foods, not just Chinese. If you can substitute Thai until HofW reopens, then there are several spots in town. One on Davenport (the best in my opinion), one on Main and a pseudo-Thai spot on Division. The last is Origin, which is French/Thai, but it's a little pricey to eat there every week.

    1. You might check out Wasabi on Main Street which describes itself as an Asian restaurant. Hopefully they have some Chinese items on the menu.

      And if you can switch to Thai until HofW reopens, there are several Thai restaurants in Somerville and nearby. There is one on Davenport, one on Main and of course Origin on Division. Origin, however, is French/Thai and your pocketbook might not permit you to eat there once a week, i.e. it's expensive.

      There's also a Thai place in the shopping center at the Somerville circle and yet another one over on Prince Rogers Road, between the Commons and the Bridgewater library.

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      1. re: ambrose

        We recently had takeout form the Thai place on Prince Rodgers and it was AWFUL! We were actually pretty upset about it because the place is not inexpensive and the food we got was mostly pretty atrocious. Not to mention miniscule portions. We are not going back. (This was not the first time we've had food from there - and in the past it was pretty good.)

        1. re: flourgirl

          You must have caught them on a bad day. I've lived in BW for a long time, and Thai Chef is one of my favorite places (20 years in NYC before then, so I do know what Thai food tastes like). They also have a branch in the Somerville Circle that has the same menu and high quality and is usually less crowded.

          BTW, House of Wong is strictly frozen-dinner Chinese food--not worth crossing the street for.

          1. re: xtalguy

            You do know that this thread is over one year old.

            The restaurant flourgirl referred to is Thai Kitchen, not Thai Chef. Thai Kitchen, which is still going strong, is on Prince Rodgers Road. Thai Chef, on Main Street in Somerville, recently closed and was replaced by Splash of Thai.

            1. re: ambrose

              Although xtalguy erred on the name of the Thai place on Prince Rodgers Blvd. (it is Thai Kitchen #1, not to be confused with Thai Kitchen #2 on the Somerville/Raritan Circle, or Thai Kitchen #3 on Rt. 206 in Hillsborough), I agree with both of his points.

              Thai Kitchen is actually one of the most reliably good Thai restaurants in the area, and House of Wong is...just not worth the price of gas that would be used to drive there for their "faux" Chinese food.

      2. I love House of Wong too and have been searching for the new location since last April when they closed. Can you tell me where in Bridgewater the new House of Wong is supposed to be. I cant wait for it to open again as there is no other place in the area like it.

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        1. re: s61974

          its supposed to reopen on 28 in Bridgewater, in between Finderne Ave. and Chimney Rock Road...

          1. re: claytonsmum

            Does anyone by chance know if they've reopened yet? We're coming back east for a visit that just won't be complete without some House of Wong.

            1. re: defeated

              They are reopening March 18, 2008 at 457 East Union Ave in Bridgewater! :-)

            2. re: claytonsmum

              there are 2 new buildings going up across from the firehouse in the area you described, but the only signs up so far are Drug Fair and Dunken Donuts. (Like the area needs either of these) Is this where H of W will be?

          2. Hey you want to go to Golden Palace. Its the same family as House of Wong. The food is so good. Make sure you try the beef. :)

            Golden Palace Restaurant
            400 US Highway 206
            Bedminster, New Jersey 07921-1500
            ph: 908.781.6800

            1. I went to the Golden Palace last Friday and asked if they were affiliated with House of Wong. The guy said House of Wong sold the business to his brother who is temporarily working at Golden Palace until the new House of Wong opens. Food was just like House of Wong.

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              1. re: tracker4x4

                HOUSE OF WONG REOPENING! - Yay!!! 475 East Union Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ 08807. (908)685-0357 - Opens March 18th, 2008.