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Mar 21, 2007 08:57 AM

Greg's in Watertown

Has anyone recently gone to Greg's on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown? I was wondering how their food is. I have read several good reviews online but they were old. I have driven past the place many times but never tried their food. I was thinking about trying Greg's for lunch. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Gregs is ok but just ok. My parents like it and go a lot because a lot of older people eat there. It's true, it's like for the blue haired crowd. The portions are large and they do early birds. I will tell you though that the steak they have is my Dad's favorite and he always raves about it. "you gotta get the steak at greg's" He always says. It is good I have had it but it takes a long time to cook because it's large. The chicken parm lovers in my family get impatient if I then order the steak because it takes longer. Go for the steak but that's it.

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      I have friends that live on Brattle not too far from there and we go fairly regularly. We dine out a lot, but when we are tired of the hip places, Greg's is great. It is a true "townie" restaurant. Completely no-frills, red-checked table cloth Italian. While you wait, you can help yourself to Ritz crackers and Port-wine spread, that kind of place. The portions are sizable (except for the very reasonably portioned ravioli). This is a place to eat Italian like you did as a kid, but done relatively well. Good chix parm, good stuffed sole Newburg, and I also like the chix marsala. It's a place to kick back and have fun, but you have to like a more blue collar scene.

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        I also like the steak there with a side of broccoli in garlic and oil. The steak is big enough that half is plenty for my dinner. The marsala dishes are also good-loaded with mushrooms (and also butter). Not the kind of place for al dente pasta or non-iceberg salads, tho. But it's certainly worth the prices they charge.

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          Bostonbroad and Silver Queen both described this place well. The prices are very reasonable to go with the good-sized portions, and it's one of those vanishing breeds in the Boston area that offers early-bird specials. Lots of older folks are seen among the townies.

      2. I've been there a few times. If you like heaping portions of pasta and waitresses that call you "honey" and "sweetie," it's not a bad place to go. But if you're looking for elegant digs and fine Northern Italian cuisine, keep driving.

        I kinda like the place for its old-school feel, but I'd rather go to Jeveli's in East Boston or Al Dente in the North End for that kind of vibe.

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