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Mar 21, 2007 08:50 AM

New Stamford Restaurant?

I just heard there's a new place about to/or already has opened down in the Shippan area where The Shore House (formerly The Beacon, Rusty Scupper, etc) was - over by the boatyard & IBM....anyone know anything about it???

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  1. I'm updating my own post :)
    The new restaurant is to be called the Saltwater Grille, it's being opened by some guy who has been a manager at Morton's, Grand, & Match. It's slated to open 4/12.

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    1. re: amanda3571

      Good to know. I liked the Beacon but Wendy never got his act together on what he wanted the resto to be. The Shore House was just silly. Hope the new owner does something with this place. For the location he needs to because it's not exactly on the beaten path but at least parking is easy.

      1. re: jfood

        From what I hear, the place is being completely gutted. Sounds like this guy has a total vision of what he wants it to be. It'd be nice to see something stay there a while. It's such a pretty spot.

        1. re: amanda3571

          Its a lovely location, I hope something of quality goes in there. The space was truly wasted in the past.

        2. re: jfood

          His name is Waldy Malouf NOT Wendy

          1. re: phoodrider

            yup, typing too fast and did not catch in the "edit window" timeframe. He is definitrely not a "Wendy" and a real nice guy. Thanks P.

      2. its my understanding that it was purchased by the operators of Black Bear/Hula Hanks/Thirsty Turtle, etc., but that its going to be much more upscale

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        1. re: vegas

          Nope - its not these guys (thankfully!). I have a friend who's working over there which is how I found out all the inside info ;) As bjtlax stated above, it appears the owners have really put a lot in to changing the place up. And it sounds as though it will be relaxed, casual American fare. Not overly expensive. We're headed to the opening celebration next week, so I will keep you posted and try to post my thoughts on it asap.

        2. Jfood reporting

          M&M Jfood doing some biz in the neighborhood and drove over to check it out, but not eat yet. Name is definitely Saltwater Grill. Opened last Wednesday.

          The new owners have done a nice job but it does look a little schizophrenic to me. Sleak black and white design. White tablecloths with nouveau sleek triangle shaped backed chairs. They enclosed a room to the left inside a wine "cellar" for private parties that looks like it will seat 10-20. Still have the same tri-deck overlooking the docks. Upstair looks a little less casual.

          Staff - New chef is Jason Milanese who just came down from Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham MA. This is a good sign from my experiences up there. The food at CBI was fantastic. Prior to that I understand he was with Legal Seafood (let's not hold that against him). He brought his captain from CBI to help.

          Menu -
          - Dinner - Boy do I scratch my head. Very all over the place. Starters are the normal raw bar items you would expect, shrimp (14) , oysters (MP), crab cocktail (17) all on the high end. Salads include regualrs (9), tomato mozzy terrine (12), a BLT salad which is described as frisee with a soft poached farm egg (16); a nice selection of either meat (12) or cheese (3 for 9; 6 for 18). Starters include Asparagus bisque (9), Five onion broth w gruyere croutons (8) why broth?, calamari (9), mussels (10), and here is where I get confused philly cheesesteak (14) lamb fennel sausage with white bean ragout (12) and mac & cheese w ham peas and cheddar (12. These last three are lunch or lit dinner, but Starters? Entrees include pasta vegetarian for 17 with clams for 19. fish and chips (18), rare tuna with herbed spatzle, merlot butter and tempura asparagus (interesting combo for 25), dover sole for 35, chicken for 26, and some steaks and braised short ribs from 21 to 32. Daily specials as well.

          Lunch menu also avaialble with 9-21 as the price range.

          Looks like they are trying to see what the market wants with such a varied menu. At first I thought they wanted to match Napa, and then reading more I thought they were going for Telluride or Ocean 211.

          Did not get there for the meal and will when the kitchen gets a little traction and the weather allows for an outdoor water-side experience.

          Enjoy and post those reviews.

          Jfood signing off. :-))

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          1. re: jfood

            does anyone have the address or phone for this place? I'd love to see a review as well!

              1. re: Fairfield Foodie

                Went to check it out last week -- big plus that we can walk from our house in Shippan Point -- lovely. Nice atmosphere and view of the marina. Went with a friend -- we tried the fish & chips, a salad, and ribs. We liked it and will be back.

                1. re: mcamus

                  I tried the Salte Water Grill on Friday. I had the same meal as Fairfield Foodie above, the pan roasted shrimp with cheese grits as a starter then a Lobster club sandwich. I liked the shrimp dish very much, the shrimp were large and plump and the dish was well seasoned with a few different flavors. However, I was very disappointed with the lobster roll in terms of flavor. The lobster was fresh and plentiful, but the sandwich just was not that great in terms of flavor profile. I didn't like the watercress on the sandwich--just didn't go with the lobster to me. I admit, I am spoiled by the lobster rolls at Pearl Oyster Bar in NYC. POB makes the "gold standard" lobster roll it seems. I was hoping to love SWG's the way I love POB's. Sadly, SWG's just isn't all that great. The service was well meaning but a tad mixed up at times--but this was minor (eg taking our silverware after the first course but failing to provide us with any before or when the second course arrived. We sat there and waited 5 min with our seconf course food in front of us and no silverware--until it was requested--when we could locate our missing in action waiter).

                  The location is beautiful as always--great views, and the interior renovation is nice. I'll be back as there are limited choices in Stamford anyway--but I will skip the lobster roll.

                  1. re: Ora

                    I completely agree with you on the lobster roll!!

                    It's pretty boring.

                    1. re: amanda3571

                      Thumbs down!

                      My wife and I went for dinner last Tuesday nite. No reservations. Walk in and ask for a table. Hostess says wait at the bar for a table. No sweat. Looking around several open tables. I hate that. Get a drink at the bar ask to see wine list bartender says list is kind of thin today. OK red or white. Bartender makes incorrect price quote on drinks. 30 minutes later hostess comes over and gives us the table behind the beam so no view. OK. Server comes by with some soggy cheese popover. Waiter comes by after 10 minutes or so and takes our order. We order the satwater grill salad. Wife gets rock shrimp and pepper oasta I order day boat cod.
                      After another 15 minutes salad arrives. Salad is missing several ingrediants listed on menu. No feta cheese. This is the worst tasting salad I have ever eaten. What crap. It tastes like dirt!
                      I tell the waiter the salad is missing a few things and he replies would I like them brought to the table. No thank you. As we are trying to eat this sad salad the busboy comes to the table and asks midfork are you done?
                      Waited 30 more minutes for the entrees to arrive. Iget my plate and the cod is like a hockey puck. The waiter has wriiten us off by now. He walks by and asks without stopping OK? No its not the fish is way overdone.
                      He apologizes and grabs my plate and I'll fix it. I get up and walk to the bar where he is placing a new order. I tell please bring me the menu as I do not want to wait 30 more minutes for dinner. I order a fried calamari app it comes out 10 minutes later. Its lousy. Anyway pay the bill tip the waiter 22% and say goodnight.

                      If they make it thru the summer they are lucky!

          2. Report from Mrs Jfood. DNR the place.

            First of all jfood thought mrs jfood and momma jfood should have a nice lunch overlooking water and they were in STM> Suggested.

            Well momma jfood had a nice omelette, no biggie. mrs jfood ordered salad with grilled chicken SOS. Chicken waaay overcooked and slapped on a plate, then some dressing on top and then topped with salad. No bread, no nothing. Service also not too great.

            This is not a the To-Go List in Jfood-land.

            1. The original comment has been removed