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Mexican in the village/SoHo

I'm looking for a Mexican restaurant in the village or SoHo for a date on Friday night. Cost isn't a big issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. It's a little North of the Village, but what about Mexicana Mama Centro on 12th (Broadway/University)? They have excellent blood orange maragritas and the food is good, if not particularly memorable.

    1. Dos Cominos in SoHo would be my pick. Great guac, a bit pricey, really like the food.

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        dos caminos would be my last pick. it is much like alot of steve hansons places. not always fresh, weak flavors and ordinary service. fiamma osteria and blue water grill are the exceptions.
        mexicana mama on hudson is small, but great.
        some have spoken nicely about mercadito in both east and west village now

      2. I went to Papatzul a few months ago soon after it opened and I wasn't very impressed, but I've heard some positive reviews lately. It might be worth a try. I'm not a fan of Dos Caminos--overpriced and mediocre.

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          i have to agree. not particularly good or exciting in any way

        2. I think either Agave (7th Ave near 10th St - though it's southwestern food, not quite Mexican) or La Palapa (6th Ave near 4th St) would be a fun date restaurant.

          1. I like Agave. Centrico in Tribeca gets good reviews too, though I'm not crazy about it for how expensive it is. I also like Florencia 13 on Sullivan. Good fish tacos, great margarita. Not as nice as some of the other places mentioned here.

            1. Hi there...first of all, I think this Friday is supposed to be lovely, weather wise, so it would be wonderful to go somewhere with an outdoor space. Agave is in a great location and they have the best margaritas in town (I think my opinion counts, as I'm from Texas). Their food is Southwestern and the atmosphere is gorgeous...very Santa Fe chic. I recommend a frozen prickly pear & pomegranite margarita to drink and the Santa Fe Shepard's Pie to eat. Enjoy!!

              1. Mi Cocina on Jane St and Hudson is a lovely, romantic date restaurant, with some excellent Mexican food skewed slightly to the "fine dining" end of the scale. It's more Mexican than Tex Mex/Cal Mex/Southwestern, and seems like more of a place originating in Mexico City than north of the border. It reminds me of what Rosa Mexicano used to try to do 10 years ago before it multiplied and expanded.

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                  What about Mexicana Mama on Hudson and 10th.

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                    This location is teeny tiny (you'll be best buddies with the next table by the time you're through with dinner) and not very swank. Great place, but not somewhere I'd go with a date. There's alway a loooong line out the door, too.

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                    Mi Conina is way too expensive for what it is. Hit Mexicana Mama on Hudson and order the pork tacos. You will not be dissapointed. Does anyone know if the new Mama on 12th takes credit cards?

                  3. I second Mi Cocina. The food is very good (though not great in my opinion), the digs are very nice, and the service is impeccable. They also have some great tequillas.

                    If it isn't a first date, I think La Palapa Rockola would make the grade, too. Atm is less nice than Mi Cocina, but still civilized. It has great margaritas and micheladas, great service, and good food.

                    1. Thanks everyone for the input - it looks like I have a lot to choose from!