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Mar 21, 2007 08:19 AM

Overland Cafe

I just read a post that said something about Overland Cafe in passing. The last time we ate there a few years ago, it was so bad we never went back. I see it is still open, has the food got any better? They also used to have some good music in the evenings, is that still the case?

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  1. I think the food is good but boring. They are not every adventurous in their menu. I like it because it is walking distance and it has a pretty good happy hour. 2.50 beers and 5.00 appetizers. I havent heard any music in the evenings...

    1. My office really likes the food - we order lunch from there pretty regularly. Never eaten there though...

      1. I had the food once about a year ago. My coworker got some chicken tender type things and she said they were dry. I got fish and chips. The pieces of fish were HUGE but nothing to write home about. I thought the batter tasted a bit too light.

        I didn't think the food was bad, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone either.

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          They're in my neighborhood so I've eaten there several times: No, the place isn't a gastronomical adventure, but the food has been good every time. I've never ordered anything deep fried so I can't speak to the quality of the chicken tenders but I've had a couple of nicely prepared steaks and their breakfast and lunch items are pretty tasty. Essentially it is just a nice little neighborhood restaurant and it fills that niche well.

        2. i've had dinner and breakfast there, it's nothing to write home about, but it's fine for a local joint. let's just say no one that lives in silver lake will drive to culver city for their food.

          1. It is close for us, so maybe Overland Cafe is overdue for another shot!