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Mar 21, 2007 08:08 AM

Cheese with Truffles

Where to get the most variety please?

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  1. I don't know which specific store has the most varieties, but I've certainly bought some at Murray's Cheese - if you call I'm sure they'll be happy to help you.

    1. garden of eden stocks at least two (both very good), and whole foods at union square has two although one i really don't like (it's dusted with cinnamon). murray's is better than both of those stores, though.

      1. Uva, a restaurant on the UES, has many dishes with truffle cheese and a lovely cheese plate with it, as well.
        Dean and Deluca in Soho carries a nice variety in their market.

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          dean and deluca

        2. Not exactly answering your question - but last year at Artisanal I had the most amazing cheese with truffles in it. I'm pretty sure it was called Pierre Robert. It was delicious!! Artisanal probably has more types with truffle inside - but I am a fan of the soft cheeses.

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            Pierre Robert is a triple cream, definitely without truffles. But delicious, nonetheless!

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              It was actually a "special" version of Pierre Robert. So good!! They only had it for a limited time.

          2. sottocenere is a truffle cheese I like

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              I like sottocenere too. I bought some at Agata and Valentina the other day, and there were a couple other types of truffle cheese at the counter there too. I also recall at least a couple at Citarella.

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                fairway, who has a nice small concession, has two truffle cheeses. can't remember the other....