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Mar 21, 2007 07:49 AM

SF Visitor Challenge

Greetings Franciscans (Friscovites?), I am coming to your fair city in mid April for the Web 2.0 expo and I have a two part challenge. I haven't been to the city since I was in 3rd grade. That's an awesome age to visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum and eat pressed duck for the first time in Chinatown, a formative Chowhound experience. But now I'm ready for a new level. This is my two part challenge:

1) Lunch hour chowhound recommendations within walking distance of the Moscone center. Knowing that there will be many people in town for conference(s), I want to get the edge on them in terms of chowing and getting back for the next session on tagging or viral marketing or whatnot.

2) Dinner time recommendations reasonably accessible by public transportation, which is my preference, or short taxi rides--my hotel's not set in stone yet but it will be within 10 blocks of Moscone.

Some nuances for these challenges:
I want to stick to vegetarian and "pescatarian" menus.

I have a $40 per diem and credit card.

I plan to have one night dining on my own dollar, and thus am willing to spend more for an elevated experience, let's say one place I'm willing to go up to $120 plus booze.

I love eat late too, so if there's a "can't miss" snacking opportunity I want to know about it.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are threads on here about late-night dining and lunch near Moscone Center, plus several "Cheap Eats" threads for your dinner question.

      1. People ask similar questions quite a bit. I'd recommend doing a few searchs to see what's already been said. "visit", "first time", that sort of thing.

        See, "moscone" -

        In the Moscone area, my husband goes to Henry's at every possible opportunity -

        I like Medicine EatStation in Crocker Galleria, but have not been since they downsized their space. Note that Crocker Galleria has a small Farmer's Market on Thursdays which can be worth going to -- I go for the German Bakery that has awesome bread and pastries.

        Other Moscone area favorites are Cha-Am and B&M Mei Sing

        For dinner, there are tons of Cheap Eats in the Tenderloin (2 more search terms!) which is just off Union Square. One of my favorites is A La Turca.

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        1. The Yerba Buena Garden location of Samovar Tea Lounge would be perfect for lunch. Very veggie friendly, nice people and a calming, relaxing setting. When I was at a conference at Moscone Cntr last May we ate there almost every day!

          1. The original comment has been removed