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Pleasing place for a drink near Park St. Station?

I'm hoping to find a bar (or restaurant with a bar) where a friend and I can catch up before a conert at the Orpheum. Any recs for a place that feels tucked away and is quiet enough for conversation?

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  1. No. 9 Park has a great bar, and the tenders make some fabulous cocktails. Silvertone might be good too.

    1. nothing wrong with The Last Hurrah or the bar at Spire. Avoid Beantown Pub at all costs.

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        Definitely the Last Hurrah. They have a good selection of scotch and gin there, as well as a number of drinks that have been around since before I was born. Definitely a classy, quiet (yet unpretentious) place.

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          I'll agree with Last Hurrah as well. Great place to relax with a drink and a couple friends.

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            Yup, I also like the Last Hurrah. Troquet on Boylston has a quiet wine bar. Silvertone is nice but might be busier.

        2. the lounge at ruths' chris feels cozy and clubby too.

          anbody been to scollay square?

          1. Sidebar on Broomfield, as a bonus you can get a 1/2 pound burger w/ fires and a bud for $6.95

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              Love sidebar for cheap beer and mediocre (but cheap at $.10) wings, but it's anything but quiet.

            2. No. 9 Park has some of the best serious bartending in town, but it's rather pricey and the crowd is a bit dressed-up and stuffy. I might feel out of place there if I were dressed for a rock show. The bar at Scollay Square is decent and plenty good for conversation; it has an upscale look but seems to attract a more casually-dressed crowd as well as the usual after-work State House gang. I also like the 21st Amendment, a dark place with an old tavern feel, reasonably quiet if they don't have a game on the TV cranked up. Avoid their sugary specialty cocktails; beer is the safe bet here. I love the Silvertone, but it's often uncomfortably packed before Orpheum shows.

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                I think the bartenders at Spire to a great job with cocktails and they're all pretty laid-back for such a fancy place. But the bar area is pretty laid-back, too.

                As long as your concert is happening before the Oringer-ization takes effect (when it's anyone guess, re service), it's choice.

              2. JJ Foley's on Kingston St is on the other side of downtown crossing. They have booths and a back room.
                Red Hat Lounge right off Cambridge is usually quiet. Both would probably be better to walk to if the weather is nice, but definitely more laid back than the hotel bars or Sidecar.

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                  I second JJ's. Another option is Kennedy's (opp from where The Littlest used to be). It's upstairs on the 2nd floor (I think above Sam LaGrassa's), on the same street as the Bean Town pub. Kennedy's is quiet and has a nice bar, I haven't eatten there but the grub doesn't look bad.

                2. The bar at Locke Ober is good.

                  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! You've given me several places I want to check out in the future.

                    In the end we went to the bar at Spire where I felt perfectly comfortable in my skinny jeans and sweater. It was rather empty when I went in at 6:00pm and the bartenders were friendly. The basketball game was playing (on mute) off to the side which was nice. A glass of prosecco and their bunless burger was a perfect dinner for me (I follow a more or less gluten-free diet for medical reasons). I'll definitely go back there again.

                    I checked out Silvertone which didn't appear to be my sort of scene (a lot of middle aged men watching sports it seemed) or menu (given my weird diet). Sidebar on Bromfield St. appeared to be closed (permanently), but I could be wrong about that.

                    I'll check out the Last Hurrah and JJ Foley's soon, I hope.

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                      Weird, Silvertone used to be filled with mostly mid-twenties to late-thirties crowd when I used to go with a good ratio of women to men.

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                        That's still the case, in my experience. Was there 3 weeks ago and that describes the crowd to a t.

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                          It still is a younger, mixed crowd, most times I go. The only time I see that businessman kind of crowd at the Silvertone is at weekday lunch. Butterfat's experience is unusual.

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                            Just a guess: butterfat was looking in the side window of Beantown Pub and thought it was Silvertone's. But anyway, based on the original search parameters, Spire was the right call.