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Worst of the Cape?

With so many repeat posts about people's "favorite' places on the Cape, a few names that are on my 'definate to avoid' list keep popping up. What are YOUR most dreadful choices? Mine are:

Captain Frosty's-Dennis Small, overpriced portions of standard fried fare. I've read, you gotta try the lobster roll....small mayonaissey thing with a handful of limp fries and those dreadful clam fritters (errrr...flavorless dough balls). The clam plate's a bad joke. And someone once crowed about how great the ice cream is...c'mon...it's soft-serve!

Clancy's, Olivers, Captain Parkers: - To me, these all seem the same.....all bland and boring, consistantly mediocre, food. Not a great meal to be had at any. Sure the prices are cheap, but these are excellent examples of "you get what you pay for".

Baxters Boathouse, Tugboats. Yes, its nice to sit on the water and its surprising how few places offer this in the mid-Cape. But that's it. Bad food often served by bad waitstaff at often borderline ridiculous prices.

And for those who post about how great the chains are....Unos, Country Buffet, and Olive Garden....PULEEEZE! Don't get me started.

Hmmmm.....guess I must feel cantankerous this morning!

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  1. Ah yes, the worst of the Cape... I've had a few soggy meals but once bitten twice shy, so the names of those places are long gone, but one place that I had to stop every time we returned from The Islands with my mother-in-law (God rest her soul) was Seafood Sams. Only decent the first time, many years ago, the last five or six, forget it. The same bland seafood and/or chicken and/or burgers everytime. And the coleslaw! Yech! My M-I-L flew from this earth this past winter, so SFS's will never see ME again.

    1. How about the Breakfast Room and not really the Cape but the Islands, The Navigator in Edgertown is the worst.

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      1. re: Doug Mc.

        Ah yes, an entire thread could be dedidated to the WORST of the breakfast joints. The Pancake Man in Dennisport and any Percy's Place location are all supremely dreadful.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          I actually liked breakfast at the Percy's in Plymouth the one time I went. If you want a bad breakfast in Plymouth, the All American Diner is the poster boy for it -- horribly bland, grossly greasy food and dirty digs. Percy's was miles better.

      2. I prefer not to participate in a negative thread so I switch it to the BEST OF CAPE COD:

        Ocean House (views and great off season menus)
        Mercantile (nice sandwiches in the heart of 6 A)
        Buckie's Biscotti on 6 A (great Biscotti)
        Cape Sea Grille (great food, crowded dining room)
        Vinings (reliable)
        Dunbar Tea Room (cute, not the best food but decent)
        Brewster Fish House (reliable consistent)
        Abba (overall good)
        Friendly Fisherman (lobster rolls)
        to name a few....

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        1. re: TonyO

          Fine, I will play....Clancy's on Upper County has the worst Nachos..soggy, crappy salsa and yucko...Scargo Cafe is terrible...in all accounts but I DO love their Grapenut Pudding.

          1. re: phelana

            See? That didn't hurt so much did it? Couldn't agree more with Scargo Cafe. How its stayed in business all these years is beyond imagination. Clancy's on Upper County is just as crummy as the one in West Yarmouth and they aren't even owned by the same people! Go figure.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              CCG, I was so chipper and bright when I wrote my rebuttal post but as the day grew late, my mood soured..how 'bout this one: Sundancers..phooey...

              1. re: phelana

                Sundancers? Good one! Known mostly as a drinking place at night for the younger crowd, I actually ate there for the first time last season. Had the house sprecialty, a 1/2 pound lobster roll. Lets see, a half pound of shredded lobster with mayo in a hotdog roll that they didn't even bother to grill. Phooey indeed! Another case where the view is far superior to anything coming out of the kitchen.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  How about the Skipper in S. Yarmouth & what about the prices vs the quality (if any) at the Yarmouth House on Rt28 in W.Yarmouth.

                  1. re: Doug Mc.

                    Not familiar with the Skipper. You don't mean Skippy's just off 28 near the Lobster Boat (another awful tourist rip) on 28 do you? Excellent call on the Yarmouth House.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      No the Skipper is on South Sea Ave, across from Parkers River Beach. Nice view for a cocktail, but thats about it.

              2. re: CapeCodGuy

                The name of course. How can you not like the name?

          2. I've got a couple, on the Upper and Lower Cape. McMenamy's in Falmouth--disgusting fried food, and one of the dirtiest, smelliest places I've ever had the misfortune of eating.

            And Cafe Blase, in Provincetown, is the worst of the number of bad places in the middle part of Commercial St. I think it recently changed names, but it's still terrible.

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              Did you actually try it since the new owners renovated the place and changed everything about it? What did you have? What was terrible about it?

            2. I have a few...

              Cap't Cass in Orleans--is this food legal?

              Seafood Sam's-Harwich--is this food?

              Rosina's in Orleans--so ordinary was very good at one time beware, 18% auto tip for parties of 6 or more. And the service is lousy!

              Bonatt's in Harwich--this place is overrated. Of course were else do you go around here except for Grumpy's

              How about places on the cusp..

              Nonnies in Orleans--very homey but food is just so plain

              Red Cottage-Dennis--food ok however what's with the parking? Right, what parking!

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              1. re: ppmaysa

                I think Cooke's in Orleans is far worse than Cap't Cass.

                1. re: ppmaysa

                  The food at Rosina's in Orleans is delicious. I have eaten there many times. As for the 18% tip for parties of 6 or more it has been that way I think since they opened 10 years ago. Most restaurants have the same tip policy. But the Red Cottage in Dennis charges an automatic 18% tip for parties of 5 or more for breakfast! I have never heard of a breakfast place charging an 18% tip! That makes for an expensive scrambled egg, homefries and toast. Can you name a breakfast place, not a hotel brunch that charges an automatic 18% tip? For lunch the Red Cottage charges an automatic 15% tip for parties of 5 or more for lunch. What if the service is bad? You are automatically paying for the bad service with your tip included in your total meal price.

                  1. re: buffet king

                    I forget the name of the place , but it is a small restaurant that is pretty close to Ocean's Edge Resort (if you went right out of the resort, it would be only a few miles on the left). There is a small bar and only about 10 tables. The ambiance seems nice but the lobster bisque, at $12 a bowl was like pink water with zero lobster. Hopefully the rest of the menu is better............

                    1. re: TonyO

                      Was not aware that the Red Cottage had a policy of an automatic 18% tip. I think the food is just OK but my wife enjoys the "diet" breakfest choices.

                      Regarding Rosina's in Orleans, I don't mind the auto 18% tip if only the service was much better. Also, I haven't seen many changes to their menu over the last 10 years. They also offer the same "specials" over & over.

                      1. re: ppmaysa

                        Wow, looks like the Cape has some pretty good eats. A mere 20 posts here to harp on mediocrity (or worse). Here's a thread from the Worst in LA and it has 378 posts! http://www.chowhound.com/topics/374509

                        Things are looking up on the peninsula!

                  2. re: ppmaysa

                    I have to defend Seafood Sam's, at least the one in Sandwich. If you order carefully, i.e broiled instead of breaded, and pick it up rather than eat there, I think the food is fine.

                    1. re: brendastarlet

                      I'm interested to know why you think the food is better as "to-go" rather than eat-in. It's usually the other way around. What's the difference to you?

                      I think Seafood Sams gets mentioned as many visitors to the Cape want to experience fried seafood of some sort. You're absolutely correct, Sams doesn't do a good job on the fried stuff.

                    2. re: ppmaysa

                      I was waffling between here and "the best of the cape" with a huge dose of caveat; decided on here and tiny caveat. YMMV (Your mileage (experience), may vary) . I had some dining companions who (I believe), thought it quite dandy for breakfast. No disrespect intended.

                      We had two breakfasts at Grumpy's. Not to completely dis this place for breakfast, I still thought it mediocre. Eggs were cooked perfectly when asked for over easy. Omelet was slightly overcooked and had way too much cream cheese in it. I tried this western-style omelet and it was quite ordinary and un-Western, with few fresh (or otherwise), ingredients in it. Hash browns were soggy with oil. English muffins were sodden with fake butter. Home fries were firm and well-browned one day and the next day they were much tastier, because of the cooked onion content, though mushy and virtually no browning. Sausage was a decent, greasy-moist patty; not browned at all. I thought the Portuguese linguica sausage, while flavorful, a little tough to cut and there was a big chunk of soft, casing/organ detritus in the middle.
                      Next day I had blueberry pancakes. They came with a huge scoop of very salty margarine on top. This was added without my asking and I had to scramble and get a paper cup to put it in before it melted any more. The two large pancakes were loaded with the most fresh blueberries I have ever seen, but also loaded down with cheap cooking oil. They almost deep-fried these pancakes and soon my mouth felt like a grease pit. I could not eat but about a third of it before I was totally overwhelmed. I tried the crappy Log Cabin syrup, but didn't help things at all. The coffee was just average for a decent cafe.

                      Service was good even though they were busy both times at 9AM. Tuesday was no wait. We had to wait about twenty minutes or more Wednesday morning, July first, and decided to skip Grumpy's Thursday and go elsewhere when we found the line twenty feet out the door... and it was intermittently raining.
                      There are also lots of children and noise. It is truly an ordinary, business-like cafe and virtually the only game in town.
                      Grumpy's has some unusual items. The baked goods at the register look delicious. Perhaps they are? http://www.grumpyscapecod.com/
                      While we barely scratched the surface, I think I can say Grumpy's is an ordinary greasy spoon that really puts on airs. See menu chalkboard picture.

                      1. re: ppmaysa

                        Nonnie has since passed away and so has her restaurant. They were both mourned by many.

                        Nonnies Country Kitchen
                        Route 6A, Orleans, MA 02653

                      2. I have had the pleasure of delivering to the Yarmouth House. One look at that kitchen and I wouldn't let my dog eat off a plate there. Even their commercial on cable tv is totally disgusting. They show a lobster tail that looks soooooooooo gross. The problem is these people who come to the Cape don't know any better. This place makes a fortune off of CRAP food. Early birds and tourists, throw some butter and crumbs on a piece of "day boat scrod" and they are golden. Hearth and Kettle, same thing........HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

                        As far as chains go, I have maybe been disappointed only once with 99. Consistently good but that also depends on the staff at the particular location. Just my three cents...

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                        1. re: cococoop

                          Agree that 99 can be okay for what it is. At least the prices are reasonable and the food won't kill you. Not Your Average Joes is more to my liking, however. Couldn't agree more with the Yarmouth House....just plain yuck. The WORST of the WORST, though, has to be Dennis Village Pizza Restaurant on 6A. I mean, they don't even try to put out decent grub. Frozen processed food covered in canned tomato sauce. Truley horrible. What I can't figure out is that except for weekends on-season, they never have any cars in the lot. Can't figure out how they've stayed in business all these years.

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            They own the building?? low expenses in the off season.

                            1. re: cape year rounder

                              They do own the building...they bought it from Ken Manzer...who used to play the piano there as a sort of after supper club. It wasn't cheap at the time but it was almost 30 years ago. Still, have you, or anyone you know EVER eaten there twice?

                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                Ah yes! It was called Deacon's Perch, and Ken Manzer was on the piano! Never set foot in the place though...

                          2. re: cococoop

                            I'll give H&K some wiggle room because I've actually had some very decent meals here, from time to time, and they serve breakfast all day long, which is a big plus in my book. I always went at odd times of the day when the place was sure to be deserted and I was always treated very, very well with quick, friendly service and attention amid the overall quietness of a (largely) empty room - which is the sort of place that works for me (but not, unfortunately, for the people who work there).

                            Hearth'n Kettle
                            9 West Rd Ste 17, Orleans, MA 02653

                            1. re: nervousEATER

                              Not a fan of H&K but will go there for decent B'fast as you mentioned. Plantation special is always reliable.

                          3. The ocean house is wonderful!!! and I love the Riverway in so. yarmouth. Heather's is different and a nice change of pace from traditional cuisine, Sopranos in mashpee is pretty good and the new sushi place paper moon has something called a deep impact roll that I love.

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                            1. re: cookingforkids

                              completely agree on Ocean House. Their 3 course off season menu (25.00) is the best deal on Cape.

                              1. re: luci

                                The Ocean House is indeed wonderful, so it doesn't really qualify as "Worst of the Cape".

                            2. I'll have to second your opinion on Captain Parker's. We went here cuz of Rachel Ray
                              (sorry, guys) and the chowder was completely bland, tasted like a bowl of milk.
                              Collucci Brothers is my other worst - red sauce that tastes like catsup and meat loaf out of the microwave - dry and tasteless.
                              I should have followed my rule - Avoid ANYPLACE recommended by Rachel or the Phanton Gourmet!

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                              1. re: terrystu

                                I also tried Collucci Brothers in Hyannis for breakfast because I saw it on tv. The eggs, sausage and toast were good. Their coffee was okay. Their homefries were burnt to a crisp and everyone in my party threw them out. I was with 4 other people and no one ate their blackened, dried out home fries. I normally like homefries with my breakfast but not the ones at Collucci Brothers in Hyannis.

                                1. re: buffet king

                                  Collucci Brothers has been rewarded for their 'efforts' and has gone out of business.

                                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                    When did the Collucci Brothers diner close for good? They also opened up another restaurant inside The Cove Resort in West Yarmouth. Did that close too?

                                    1. re: buffet king

                                      Not sure about the Cove location, but I drove by the diner last week and it was being renovated by new owners. Here's what I found on Capecodonline........"And at the corner of South and Sea streets, Timothy Gaudette of Hyannis is planning to open the Black Bean Cafe in early May.

                                      Gaudette's restaurant, formerly the Collucci Bros. Diner and Chef Urano's House, will feature breakfast wraps and burritos on the menu.

                                      Gaudette is planning on seating for 12 and some stand-up space — the property's limited parking precludes more tables, he said. The cafe will have a full take-out menu"

                              2. I am in. I would love to extoll the virtues of good places but alas i will be sucked into the insufferable mediochrity of CC restaurants. Seafood sams, painted lady, Daniel Webster. I suppose i could go on. hopefully next posting with goood stuff........

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                                1. re: Amer5858

                                  Daniel Webster? I don't find it terrible, but it can depend on what you order. I rather like their night time preperation of Veal Oscar and their brunch is quite nice on Sunday. Lunch is rather weak, I'll give you that.

                                  1. re: Amer5858

                                    Collucci Bros are going strong in Yarmouth at the Cove.

                                    Amer5858: You just have to be careful to not go to the same old bad places. I just got back from some travel to cities in the middle of the U.S., and I have a new appreciation for Cape restaurants. For a place with a lot of "everyday" restaurants, there are relatively very few chains here. This is an almost-rural area, and yet you can find >1 worthy place to eat in Falmouth, Hyannis, P'town, Mashpee, Orleans. The only thing I miss is ethnic food.

                                    1. re: cape year rounder

                                      Never been...is Collucci Bros worth trying? The diner wasn't much to rave about so I've never been tempted. Where do you like your Italian? My choices this year seem to be Albertos in Hyannis and Tomatoes in Sandwich. (btw..you're spot on about many big cities in the midwest and southwest as well. I look far and wide for independant restaurants and they're ridiculously hard to find. So many chains.)

                                    2. re: Amer5858

                                      Went to Daniel Webster this summer. Haven't been there in a few years. Had the best meal of our vacation there. Ravioli appetizer was amazing. Steaks cooked perfectly. Our big disappointment was Hemisphere. Great location, service was terrible. Food was even worse.

                                    3. The Bee-hive in East Sandwich (shudder). Poses itself as featuring fresh local ingredients with simple preparations. Actually serves disgusting concoctions of various Sysco products, in a dingy atmosphere populated by 95% senior citizens (not that there's anything wrong with senior citizens, but that's a different dining crowd all together...)

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                                      1. re: purple bot

                                        The Barnstable Tavern does it worse than the Bee Hive. Horrible overpriced fare served by a wait staff that couldn't care less. Too bad, as it was once a decent choice under previous ownership.

                                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                          Our favorite Italian is Siena. Interestingly, the guy who now owns Barnstable Tavern used to own it! That was a long time ago, and Siena is a top-notch place -- they are generous with herbs, seasonings, flavors -- kitchen has some talent, and they hit the right notes. It is one of the places where we will take a risk and order some dish that is outside our usual habits. We're rarely disappointed. Staff seems to like being there, and seems happy that you showed up there for dinner.

                                          1. re: cape year rounder

                                            You are wrong on this; Bob Calderone, who owns the Barnstable Tavern never owned Sienna; he was the inital chef there.

                                            But to praise Sienna! I'm at a loss -- I absolutely detest their so-called Italian food, and the stories about the dirtiness of the restaurant are legend. When there are flies at the front of the house, there are even more flies at the back of the house.

                                      2. I have been going to the Cape since 1964 and have NEVER found a good restaurant.

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                                        1. re: lhq

                                          lol...you must not have been looking very well. They're not ALL bad!

                                          1. re: lhq

                                            Try Front Street on Commercial Street in PTown. I had a very nice meal there.

                                            1. re: Brklynbobby

                                              The Lobster Pot ("the Pot") is also very good, although it looks like a tacky dive from the street. Cafe Edwige, at 333 Commercial (second floor - up the outside stairs) has one of the best breakfasts in town.

                                          2. Beehive in Sandwich - hot meals taste like really gluey, processed food, which is a shame because it is really cute inside. Barbyanne's in Hyannis has very good burgers but seems to rely on processed prepared food for other things. Kreme N Kone I tried for first time because of all the recent publicity and was disappointed with it - greasy and bad value - won't go back. Clancy's in Dennis used to be very good (has beautiful views) but was disappointed with fried seafood platter this day - fish looked like Gorton's frozen meal (tasted fresh but crazy breading and a bit greasy) - have had good food there previously so will try again.

                                            1. OK, this is not exactly worst of the Cape, but pretty bad nonetheless.

                                              Last year we heard some good writeups about Agrodolce in Brewster, so gave it a try. Amazingly, they are still in business this season. Supposedly wood-fired pizza was worse than a supermarket frozen pizza snack, absolutely terrible example of American style "pizza food". Papa Johns or even Dominos would be far better. A seafood salad was an iceberg lettuce and tough frozen fish joke.

                                              This year an elderly relative wanted to try out a local chain, Ardeo, billed as Mediterranean cuisine. Yes, like Olive Garden is Italian cuisine, perhaps. Service and atmosphere was paint-by-numbers chain type, food was better than Agrodolce but very ordinary, underseasoned, and used inferior ingredients. Auntie was very disappointed, said "I would have rather gone back to Arnolds again". LOL

                                              Even the bluehairs on Cape that I know don't care to go back to Clancy's anymore, between the rude and the food.

                                              Fortunately, there are many decent, affordable places to eat on Cape, so the losers can be avoided.

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                                              1. re: Dan D

                                                Dan D and Mimmicri....No arguements from me on all your 'call-outs". All worthy of the "worst of" list.

                                              2. I guess nobody else has had the bad luck to wander into Rookies, in South Wellfleet. This place was so nondescript, it did not even measure up to the fried-stuff standard of Cooke's in Orleans. Everything seemed to come out of a can, and the service was so slow. How does it stay open year after year?

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                                                1. re: Nadala

                                                  I used to go to Rookie's 40 years ago! I cannot believe it has weathered all these years! Not too well, either, by the write-ups!

                                                  1. re: ciclista

                                                    I ate at Rookies..........ONCE!!!! The ' Cardboard pizza" you often hear people say they have had at terrible restaurants.....well it must have been invented at Rookies! This is truly the worst quality food I have ever had.....and poor service as the other poster has said. I think the only reason they stay in business is because of the high volume of tourists on the Cape....and even if they come in once........its enough for rookies to stay in business. They do close in the off season.........what local would eat there!!!!

                                                    1. re: johng58

                                                      Holy God. I ate at Rookies over 4th of July. We all agreed it was not the place to check out again. I had random, tasteless fried seafood. My friend had the lobster pizza, which looked awful. Terrible!

                                                2. Hate to focus on the negative but....
                                                  Just got back from Eastham and would add the Seadog to the "worst of" list.
                                                  Although it was crowded in the evening and had an outdoor eating area which misled us into thinking it must be decent, we now think people came for the bar and not the food. My fairly easy to please family wasn't pleased. Chowder was given a thumbs down. The grilled chicken sandwich was pronounced okay by our non-seafood eater but was plopped on a roll- no lettuce, no anything.Our other non-seafood eater had the open faced roast beef which looked gray and mushy. Both unappetizing to say the least. (I know it's the Cape so what did we expect with non-seafood but this was too much.)
                                                  The seafood "bowl" was pronounced barely serviceable. Fish and chips shouldn't be hard to mess up-it's the Cape for goodness sake- but consisted of soggy fish adn standard fries. Yuck!
                                                  Two of us had unsettled stomachs after lunch. This would place the Seadog on our Never Again List.
                                                  On a positive note, the next night we ordered take out from Arnold's and got tasty chowder, perfectly cooked seafood and no indigestion. : )

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                                                  1. re: lonborgfan

                                                    Will be staying in Falmouth for 4 days starting Monday, August 11th. Plan on exploring the entire Cape. We will be staying at the same place that my husband spent family summer vacations year after year after year...I hope I made the right choice. Anyway, this list will provide me with much needed info! Thank You!

                                                  2. I think you can add any of the dinner choices in Woods Hole (sort of the Cape) to the list of “Keep Driving & Avoid”.

                                                    Captain Kidd’s was a leading member of the “we should be better than we are” club. Nice setting, horrid service and a menu that is trying to be all things to all people. The fried seafood platter was decent, at least it wasn’t greasy. Stay away from the steak tips (we had a non-seafood person with us)……rice could have bounced it was so hard and the 4 tips for the price was a little insulting.


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                                                    1. re: River19

                                                      (smile).....Yeah, although a tourist passing through would never know, the Kidd is notorious as a latenight watering hole for all the scientists at Woods Hole. I would NEVER venture to eat ANYTHING there, although I certainly have downed several drafts there on more than one occassion.....

                                                      1. re: Science Chick

                                                        I'm not so quick to dis the Capt Kidd. Sure it looks like a dive, but it's a dive in a classic New England waterfront way. We've eaten there twice - once in summer, and once in dead of winter, way in the back, next to a woodstove -- both times the food was good. There seems to be a real chef in the kitchen, judging from the daily specials, the freshness of the seafood, and the way the food looks on the plate. I respect it because it is a genuine place -- you feel like you're in Woods Hole alright -- and the food is good

                                                        1. re: cape year rounder

                                                          I'm not dissing it...really! I just only know it as a HEAVY watering hole and my only experience is with cohorts of late-night imbibers. And they do a great job hosting us every time! Not an atmosphere one expects good food in, and reports from my colleagues confirms that suspicion, as does the report from river19. Glad you have had good food experiences...maybe I'll give them a shot next time I'm there.

                                                          1. re: Science Chick

                                                            I can only speak to the night we were there, as that is my experience.

                                                            They were grossly understaffed from a wait staff perspective and the food was hit or miss depending on what you got. The fried seafood platter I got was actually pretty decent.

                                                            Martinis were a little on the small side....but I’m sure I could lose some brain cells there as well.

                                                      2. re: River19

                                                        Amen! We had visitors and gave it a try. We had to argue with the rude and unprofessional staff for the outdoor table we had reserved. Food was inedible, and the service was horrendous - rude bordering on hostile from attitudinal, untrained college kids. We changed the "automatic" 18% gratuity to 15% because of the horrible experience. We were so embarrassed we brought visitors from out of state there. Yet - the nightmare didn't end there. Once we all got home and settled in to laugh about such an amateur place, the phone rang - yes, at 11 pm - and it was the manager yelling at us that we could not change an automatic gratuity. The restaurant should be out of business, and is only sustained by it's location, and the tourists. Disgusting experience.

                                                        Captain Kidd Restaurant
                                                        77 Water St, Woods Hole, MA 02543

                                                      3. I'm wondering about the seafood shacks on the road right after the Bourne (I think) Bridge. I'm tempted to stop on my way off the cape (when they're on the "right" side of the road) for one final clam roll, but I just assume they aren't good because of the location. Has anyone been?

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                                                        1. re: hungry100

                                                          Do you mean the place under the Bourne bridge heading off cape? That was 'Quintal's" seafood years ago...........it was replaced by the 'Egg" or something like that........and that is gone too. The Quintal's of 20 or so years ago was not a bad seafood place...they were always packed especially the weekends. Sorry to see it go.

                                                          1. re: johng58

                                                            Or is it the place with the phony lighthouse that we pass by as we come over the bridge heading to the Cape?

                                                            1. re: bakerboyz

                                                              No, not Quintal's -- I actually ate there and it was good. There are two joints not far from one another - -really shacks -- no indoor seating across the road from a scenic overlook (Herring River?)?

                                                              1. re: hungry100

                                                                probably a lil late now but i know which one your talking about...the seafood shanty down off of bourne scenic highway...and in wareham theres barnacle bills which is like seafood sams but i think seafood sams is better for fried seafood...these people that are looking for entree type of seafood well dont go to those places lol...i live in sandwich and as a kid the beehive was good but then again i havent been there in over 17 yrs now...just my 2 cents

                                                        2. Great thread, though I'm a little late to it. My husband and I have been going to the Cape our whole lives, and are tired of the plethora of 'fried' everything places. It seems like the food offerings are: clam chowda, and fried seafood. Thank goodness we discovered the "Edible Cape Cod" publication a few years ago and were able to find places that cared about the food they served, rather than serving food for tourists. Our favorites are: Red Pheasant in Dennis, Cottage St. Bakery in Orleans, and Pain D'avignon in Hyannis.

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                                                          1. re: phDuh

                                                            It's never too late to post to this thread as it's an ever evolving list and changes season to season. Alas, Pain D'avignon burned down last fall. Haven't looked but I don't believe they've reopened.

                                                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                              Is the Beehive really that bad? I have such fond memories of that place -- we always had lunch there before dropping our daughter off to camp. We always knew it was kind of a dated, senior citizen kinda place (and that might have been part of the charm), but our lunches were always good. My husband loved the fried scallops and I thought the fried clams were respectable.

                                                              1. re: ccferg

                                                                I find the Beehive to be a mixed bag. Sometimes you get a winner, oftentimes not. I thing they actually have the best stuffed quahog in any restaurant I ever had. Another poster describe the food a "gummy" and I know what they mean. Seems like many dishes have a kind of strange sauce,,, like butter thickened with cornstach maybe. I find if you stick with broiled seafood, it's not bad at all. And I agree, I do like the room.

                                                              2. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                Pain D'Avignon has a new location. Off of Rt 132 at the Uno's onto Hinkley Road, the website says they opened retail in July.

                                                            2. Ring Bros in Dennis. Overpriced, overripe sometimes spoiled produce. Great meat market and fish market, great wine, great pizza..HORRID produce and fruit.

                                                              1 Reply
                                                              1. re: luci

                                                                It's funny how two people can have entirely opposing opinions on the same place. Ring Brother's market is a combination of several "mini-markets" under a common roof. Different companiaes run the various departments. IMO the produce is pretty good,although sometimes you do have to selective. That part of the store is run by Ring Brother's Produce which is a longtime wholesaler to the Cape's berrter restaurants. The fish market is excellent as run by Chatham Fish and Lobster. Ditto for Nata's noodles for pasta and prepared foods, and Montillio's for its bakery. Personally, I find the pizza and Mexican to be horrid and the wines are crazily overpriced.

                                                              2. Sadly, I posted erroneously to my home board (Mid-Atlantic) last night about a trip to the Cape last weekend, and it was removed. It was a barbecue review, on 3 restaurants, the main advice being 'don't'.
                                                                1. Coast in Orleans (please, if I get a town wrong, sorry; they all sortof blended). The pdf menu on the web is old and out-dated. There are no more Tapas, Jicama Salad, or cranberry chipotle bbq sauce, or brisket or pate. Probably more than that. They have a Cookshack smoker, which just goes to show that indifferent, smoke-free bbq can be made even in a top-brand smoker. Membrane on, medium gray meat (parboiled, I presume),
                                                                2. Further along 6a, in Wellfleet, I think, is Marconi's on the left side. It has a huge big offset smoker blazing away outside, surrounded by piles of wood. We were thrilled by the prospects. But this was probably the worst restaurant bbq I've had except for the Atlantic City Corky's. There was no rub. The underside was membrane and an eighth of an inch of unrendered fat. I peeled it off. Some smoke had hit the top; you could see where it ended - at the layer of fat also under a bit of bark. They did have good oysters and homemade Key LIme pie.
                                                                3. Insanely, our hotel, the Sheraton Four Points, had decent grilled (not smoked) baby backs.

                                                                I know we should have had seafood. It was just too tempting - the hype at Coast, and the smoker out front at Marconi. Live and learn.

                                                                1. In no particular order my worst of the Cape over the past 7 or so vacations here:

                                                                  Sea Dog, Eastham- they've gotten our business more than once b/c they were the only place open- always horrible
                                                                  Hearth & Kettle, Orleans- like SeaDog, we go b/c its open but it is what it is, and its ok for that if you don't have high expectations
                                                                  Lobster Shanty, Eastham- often out of the most basic things, what they have is mediocre at best
                                                                  Nauset Lobster Pool, Eastham- used to be ok, was horrible last year, thankfully now appears to be closed for renovation- hopefully they'll improve the quality along with the appearance
                                                                  Marconi's, Wellfleet- just awful

                                                                  Good, but overrated- Mac's Shack, Wellfleet- overpriced($20 for 4 scallops-supposed to be broiled, were actually seared- and a couple of tablespoons of mashed potatoes????) & doesn't know what it wants to be, The high- end dishes are beautiful, but still over-priced IMO. For basic stuff, you'll get better value and food at Moby Dick's

                                                                  1 Reply
                                                                  1. re: JenJeninCT

                                                                    Sorry, that should have read Eastham Lobster Pool, not Nauset- it appears to have been sold at drive-by last night

                                                                  2. If we are including Martha's Vineyard, then the Sweet Life Cafe - its ridiculously over-rated. Avoid.

                                                                    1 Reply
                                                                    1. re: Merseymike

                                                                      I find the sweet life consistently excellent, I'm a bit surprised by this. Their mushroom streudel is one of the most memorable dishes I've eaten in the country this year, as is the white gazpacho

                                                                    2. Ok I need to add Grumpy's to the list. Allow me to preface this by saying I do not eat eggs or meat and only use real maple syrup so it's hard to find a good breakfast spot. Black Dog IMHO has the best Cape and Islands breakfast but alas, too far to travel. We tried Grumpys for the first time in about 14 years. Mom ordered poached eggs and homemade hash with raisin toast. My teen ordered crab cakes and mac and cheese as they no longer have fish cakes. I ordered crab cakes and baked beans with cole slaw.

                                                                      The crab cakes were about 8 ounces and hard as rocks. The crab was the fake stuff and it was like eating a heavy bready bullet. The cole slaw was packed with mayo. Inedible. The beans were canned baked so fine. My teen said the mac and cheese had no flavour. Mom tried it and agreed. She said her hash had no flavour so doused it with salt and catsup. Service was excellent and very speedy. Sorry, we still are in search of the great Cape breakfast and Grumpy's failed on too many levels.

                                                                      1 Reply
                                                                      1. re: phelana

                                                                        For a terrific (although maybe a bit crowded) breakfast try The Mills on Rt. 149 in Marstons Mills...

                                                                      2. Without a doubt, Land Ho is the worst restaurant that I've had to endure over the last five years of Cape vacations. Whether it's the gummy, tasteless clam chowder, the nondescript seafood, the over-priced kids' meals or the arrogant management, this place is a disaster. It's amazing that people come back to drink beer and stare at the kitschy decor.

                                                                        1 Reply
                                                                        1. re: Chow King

                                                                          I think most locals know when they go to the Land Ho, they are in a bar that happens to serve food, versus a restaurant that happens to serve drinks. It's okay, as long as that's one's expectation going in. There are far worse to be found on the Cape.

                                                                        2. I've actually only eaten at one place on the Cape I'd go back to. To be clear, my experience mainly lies between Falmouth and Hyannis - I've eaten in a few places in Chatham else, but that's it.

                                                                          5 Bays in Cotuit is pretty good. Not your Average Joes in the mall is always surprisingly edible. Every other restaurant between Hyannis and Bourne I'd put on my worst list with ease. I specifically include the thoroughly mediocre Sienna, and the vile Coonamesset Inn. Regatta is merely forgettable.

                                                                          God would I be happy if someone has something to prove me wrong, since I'm sick of driving from Cotuit to Not Your Average Joes.

                                                                          3 Replies
                                                                          1. re: BostonCharles

                                                                            5 Bays IS rather good...but Not Your Avg. Joe's??? It's okay for a chain, but there are far better choices on the Cape. Sure, far too many qualify as lousy, but there are gems, even on the upper and mid Cape. Have you tried Tomatoes on Rte 130 in Sandwich? How about the new Columbo's Cafe on Main in Hyannis? The Ocean House in Dennisport? Red Pheasant in Dennis? Brewster Fish House? Bramble Inn?

                                                                            1. re: BostonCharles

                                                                              I'll argue for more variety on Cape (especially ethnic variety), but over time I've come around to have a grudging respect for our local restaurants. I hope you can find a bit more happiness here -- consider Island Merchant in Hyannis. Your take on the Regatta may be out of date -- new chef/owner there has impressed us over several visits. I can't agree that Siena is "thoroughly mediocre" -- one thing you might try is to ask the staff for recommendations. We've had some meals there that were better than others, and the menu is huge, but the employees there are very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and helpful.

                                                                              Re: Joe's: I disagree with you -- I call it surprisingly disappoijnting, but admit I go to NYAJ more than I should, because in the end I think the menu reads better than the food actually tastes.

                                                                              1. re: cape year rounder

                                                                                like I said, I find NYAJ surprisingly edible. Note, not a strong rec - just that I'm shocked that I don't run out of the place screaming. I pretty much consistently order salads and appetizers there, which may well affect things.

                                                                                The east of Hyannis recs are too far east for me, but I'll check out Tomatoes. Can't remember a thing about Island Merchant, which is not a strong sign.

                                                                                I wouldn't be surprised if my take on Regatta is out of date - when did the new guy come in? I'd be pleased if that were the case.

                                                                                Siena... GF lived next door for years (there are apts above the shops). I've eaten there enough for one lifetime. One good meal the entire time, and we kept going back in the hopes it would repeat. It didn't

                                                                            2. The Lan Ho in Orleans is just terrible. Lousy food with service to match. Not a bad bar though, but stick with the drinks and leave the food.

                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                              1. re: joemahn

                                                                                Yeah, that's kinda true. They do make a decent chowder and mean kale soup though. (Which you can grab at the bar with your tap beer.)

                                                                              2. Worst of the Cape; good topic CCG. But let's remember to keep all the factors in mind; Sometime I just want a good old-fashioned greasy spoon breakfast. But for Mother's day, no. And there's nothing wrong with grabbing a medium rare burger at Bobby Byrnes when it's a late night, but for a special date, gee I hope not. And Scargo Cafe does great lunch sandwiches -- and I could live on their grapenut pudding -- but dinner tends to be mediocre. Baxters is not known for its food, but it's still a fun place to meet friends, so will it kill us to have an app or two there?

                                                                                But for what my mom calls a "nice meal," in all ways, in every circumstances, my all-time "don't eat there" list includes Sienna (as I've said before, I don't like the food, the kitchen strikes me as dirty, and the dining area is just plain noisy), Liam Maguires (go there to drink and sing, but oh gosh, don't eat there -- they served frozen quiche to the Falmouth Chamber luncheon. Twice..; the Taverna in Sandwich; and never, never to McMenamy's in Falmouth.

                                                                                1 Reply
                                                                                1. re: Giuditta

                                                                                  Guidita, I agree with your comments completely. No place should be on anyone's "worst list" if it has something to offer. That's why a place like Mattakeese, for instance, shouldn't be included here. It's not they they serve good food, they don't. But it is truly one of the most unique settings on the north side. Well worth going for a drink and an app or two (they won't kill ya!). If I want excellent cuisine AND the waterfront location, I'll go to Ocean House or make the drive to PTown. Unfortunatley, there are far too many places that DO belong on the list for consistantly bad food/service/ambience.

                                                                                2. Hello! There are 90 replies to this post so far! I can't think of any meals that were truly horrible lately, but so so so many that were utterly mediocre. The only place that I have a vendetta against is Pain d'Avingion. I love their sandwiches, but have been dismayed to find myself, on more that one occassion, begging some dowdy sullen shopgirl to make me one. I can't believe I have to beg to spend $7 - $9 on a tiny sandwich! It is so wrong!

                                                                                  2 Replies
                                                                                  1. re: hungrycc

                                                                                    Gee, Hungrycc, I so agree. We should start a new thread on poor surface -- what the heck is that all about? When I was a 16-year-old (and plus!) server, no one had to tell me about thanking the customer. Nowadays, you're grateful if you get a relatively grunt-free "there you go" with your change. I'm going to continue this ranting comment in a separate thread -- come join me?

                                                                                    1. re: Giuditta

                                                                                      Confirmed tonight that The Barnstable Tavern continues to belong on this list.
                                                                                      F minus on food, service, and value. Love the room though. :-)

                                                                                  2. It's time to bring back this thread as I've found a true Worst, in Pizza by Evan, in East Dennis at the junction of 6A and 134. Run from this place! Horrible pizza achieving the impossible, a burnt crust with a soupy middle. Plastic cheese. Canned sauce. Ambivalent Ownership. Couldn't Care Less Service. No thanks.

                                                                                    25 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                      I have a few suggestions as well as a few disagreements.

                                                                                      Top 'o the list.........drum roll please........

                                                                                      #1 Kreme and Kone, Chatham.

                                                                                      Starting with the stupid alliterative name, this place sucks every way possible.

                                                                                      The fried fish is frozen and totally forgettable. To order it is regrettable.
                                                                                      The burgers make Texas prarie patties seem both flavorful and wholesome.
                                                                                      The scallops are crappy little bay scallops which are small, don't taste particularly good and would be forgettable if not so lousy.
                                                                                      The fries are standard crap. The rings? The rings are probably their best menu item, although they tend toward the soggy and undercooked.

                                                                                      What else sucks around Chatham? Well, it closed recently but it's worth mentioning that "Christians" sucked the big one ever since the original owner sold the place to a big restaurant company. God did that place suck after that.

                                                                                      Worst pizza has to be the place on 6 in Chatham more or less across from Shop Ahoy.......I think it's called New England pizza house and they ought to be brought up on charges....Impersonating a pizza!:)

                                                                                      A place I actually like and that you should try for take out pizza and sandwiches in is Harwichport and it's called George's pizza. They make really nice cheese steaks (for Cape Cod, darn nice) and the pizza is cheap, crispy, kinda thick crust but crispy as I said and tasty. Yes it's tasty. It won't be putting Patsy's out of biz but it's nice for lunches. Busy place around dinner too.

                                                                                      1. re: shark_attack

                                                                                        George's is oft-mentioned on this board as having excellent Greek-style pizza. I heartily agree with your rec.

                                                                                        Out of curiosity, what are your disagreements? (places can change, or sometimes a place is called out due to a single bad sampling. An example is the Beehive Tavern in Sandwhich. I've actually had a couple of nice meals there recently)

                                                                                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                          My worst experience was the pre-shucked oysters at Oyster Company in Dennis. How can a place that supposedly grows their own do this? We ended up not even ordering dinner. If they can't be bothered to serve beautiful fresh oysters correctly what's coming out the kitchen.

                                                                                          1. re: kiki47

                                                                                            What makes you think they were pre-shucked?

                                                                                            I've always had good experiences at The Oyster Co. and I've heard others have too.

                                                                                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                              I know there are going to be some who disagree with me, but I have to say that one of the worst meals I have had on Cape Cod occurred at the Brewster Fish House recently. My fish and sides were really , really salty, and when I asked for extra pasta to mix in to make my food less salty, they actually charged me for the extra pasta! I won't be back anytime soon.

                                                                                              Brewster Fish House
                                                                                              2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

                                                                                              1. re: alohagirl

                                                                                                Just goes to show that even the best places can have a bad night. This is precisely why I always give a place a second chance, and sometimes a third.

                                                                                                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                  On a more positive note, I have had consistently great fried seafood at Sir Cricket's in Orleans and also delicious three-course meals at Ocean House in Dennis.

                                                                                                  Ocean House Restaurant
                                                                                                  425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

                                                                                                  1. re: alohagirl

                                                                                                    Biggest disappointment this year has been the Chart Room in Cataumet. 1970s menu preserved in amber (a glass of the house chablis, anyone?) would be OK if they did a good job of being a throwback. They served stuffed quahogs in pressed cardboard clamshells. This is a waterfront restaurant on Cape Cod, and they aren't even trying to appear to be good.

                                                                                                    Chart Room
                                                                                                    1 Shipyard Ln, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

                                                                                                    1. re: cape year rounder

                                                                                                      Stuffies in a cardboard "shell"?? Puh-lease!

                                                                                                      1. re: ciclista

                                                                                                        i know huh? I mean really, what could be the purpose? Nothing could be cheaper on Cape Cod than a flippin' clam shell!

                                                                                                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                          All in Provincetown: Had a terrible meal and experience a while back at the Red Inn, but other friends really like it. Ciro & Sal's seems barely alive at this point. Pepe's used to be a big favorite, but last summer, it had really gone down. Don't think we'll go back this summer. I've never had a good meal at Post Office Cafe. Lobster Pot, which used to be always consistently good, is hit or miss at this point, and the dining room is not being cleaned very well, so I feel a little sketchy eating there sometimes.

                                                                                                          Red Inn & Restaurant
                                                                                                          15 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

                                                                                                          Post Office Cafe
                                                                                                          11 Main St, East Greenwich, RI 02818

                                                                                                          1. re: terrilynn

                                                                                                            Sounds like the Cape food scene is kind of jumping the shark a little bit. They can get by with mediocre crap at high prices due to the captive audience of families already ready to spend $ on anything. Too bad really.

                                                                                                            The decent lobster shacks etc. now are so high priced that we would never ever consider renting anything but a house with a good kitchen on the cape....if we even went.

                                                                                                            Sad really, I have many good memories of the Cape and now I only want to view it from the in-laws boat.....

                                                                                                            1. re: River19

                                                                                                              Well now, that's quite an overstatement and quite a bit of hyperbole. Sure, there are places that pray on the one-and-done tourist trade but there are a greater number of year round joints that rely on locals and put out a good to excellent product. We lack some of the ethnic variety that one finds in Boston and the burbs, but we excel at others. The decent "lobster shacks" are still decent and the lousy ones still lousy, but even the lousy ones are better than you'll find in most of this country. There are truly excellent clam shacks, and there are MANY that are among the best one can find anywhere. And there are many low end, mid-priced, and high end restaurants that satisfy the most demanding Chowhound. Keep in mind that the Cape has 1 restaurant for every 25 residents and try not to paint with such a broad brush.

                                                                                                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                                Right on CCG!! I second everything in your post.

                                                                                                                Maybe River19 should stay on that boat!!

                                                                                                                1. re: ppmaysa

                                                                                                                  No problem !!!! ;-)

                                                                                                                  I'm jaded by remember the cape 20+ years ago and sadened to see the changes when I returned to some of the more memorable spots. From a restaurant scene, sure there are places to go that are decent, but the bulk of them are mediocre at best and they are charging huge prices.

                                                                                                                  That being said we have had some decent eats in Bourne and closer to the mainland, and for the most part they are the local year round joints.

                                                                                                                  Arnolds is still my favorite palce on the Cape, both from a food perspective and from a memory perspective......we hit there when I was a kid inearly to mid 80's, haven't been in years.

                                                                                                                2. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                                  Let's remember this is a "Worst of the Cape" thread, which is the reason it sounds so dreadful. This is a handy reference guide for avoidance, and to allow a bit of venting. But if you read the other threads on the Cape, you'll definitely find many, many very good to excellent dining options.

                                                                                                                  1. re: winedude

                                                                                                                    Hence my post the other day.....that was the venting part.

                                                                                                                    It;s fine for some people to get defensive of "their" spot int he world, it's natural, but when you take a step back and gain some perspective on the Cape Restaurant scene.....the bulk fall into that "tourist trap mediocre can't believe I just paid $18.99 for that" kinda places.

                                                                                                                    But thank heavens most of them have a Baked "Scrod" special......

                                                                                                                    1. re: River19

                                                                                                                      >>>"when you take a step back and gain some perspective on the Cape Restaurant scene.....the bulk fall into that "tourist trap mediocre can't believe I just paid $18.99 for that" kinda places."<<<

                                                                                                                      This statement would only be true to the uninformed. The majority of places are just the opposite. Of course, if Arnold's is the pinnacle of your dining experience on the Cape, that speaks volumes.

                                                                                                                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                                        Not the pinnacle for Arnolds.....just one of the better clam shacks back in the day., when I had great memories of times spent there before it tunred into the destination it is today for the vacationers. I'm sure it has joined the rest of the tourist traps.

                                                                                                                        And. actually I'm pretty informed in general. Not a local that chooses to spend time on the Cape much like yourself, so I would defer to you on specific recommendations.

                                                                                                                        That being said, are you actually claiming the bulk of the restaurants on the Cape are really good? That's just not possible. The bulk are tourist traps with average food with sysco trucks lined up for them. Are there good ones...sure, most likely, and I'm sure those are the very ones you are referring to as far as being "informed".........

                                                                                                                        You need to relax........no one is peeing in your corn flakes here, so hop off the snooty "you need to be informed" soapbox and realize taht everyone is entitled to their opinion.

                                                                                                                        1. re: River19

                                                                                                                          No soapbox here whatsoever, I just don't like those who are quick to generalize, especially when they obviously have no specific knowledge of what they are talking about. Your statement that you're sure Arnolds has joined the rest of the tourist traps is ignorant, plain and simple. How do you know if you haven't been? Arnold's is still an excellent clam shack. So is The Clam Shack is Falmouth, Cooke's in Hyannis and Mashpee, Sir Crickets in Orleans, Marathon, Kreme and Kone, and Sesuit Cafe in Dennis, Cobie's and Kates in Brewster, Friendly Fisherman in Eastham, Mac's in Welfleet, to just name a few. I can only think of 6 or so, as mentioned in this thread, that should be avoided. But the Cape is more than Clam Shacks. I'd put 28 Atlantic up against any restaurant in the state. Places like the Regatta, Lyric, Abba, Ocean House, Albertos, Black Fish and dozens more are as good as one will find anywhere. Never said that the bulk of our restaurants are really good, just that the majority don't qualify as mediocre tourist traps.

                                                                                                                          Your bias is obvious from the" I only want to experience the Cape from the in-laws boat comment". Sorry if my reply to your snarky bias comes off as snooty.

                                                                                                                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                                            Fair enough.......the boat comment has more to do with traffic issues. I gravitate to places people aren't when I'm not working, so I dislike the logistics of the Cape from that standpoint.

                                                                                                                            Arguing on the internet is futile at best as so much is lost in how things are read.

                                                                                                                            Admittedly, my comment the other day was intended to be provacative as the conversation had gotten stale......and nothing gets passions going more than a blanket generalization...... ;-)

                                                                                                                            Chillingworth is decent as well.......or it was last time we went....but that isn't really a normal choice for a vacationing family.

                                                                                        2. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                          I've driven past this place for years and years but have never stopped in because I HATE THE NAME! It sounds so precious and pretentious to me that it makes me long for Papa Gino's or some other faux Italian grease shop.

                                                                                          If I ever actually go into Evan's art studio, I'll expect to find a gallery of framed pies on his wall. LOL

                                                                                          Pizzas by Evan of Yarmouthport
                                                                                          559 Route 6A, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

                                                                                          1. re: nervousEATER

                                                                                            You're not missing anything by driving by. I've only sampled the pizza and it strikes me like Domino's. Not very good. Evan's MO is to open a pizza shop shop, provide cheap food to drive up his gross, and then flip the location before the numbers reflect the quality oif the food. He's done this at least six times of which I am aware. His last attempt was a huge failure when he renovated the location of the old Hamburger Galley at the end of 134 and 6A which remains vacant and for sale at $600k.

                                                                                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                              when we are too lazy to drive to George's, we order pizza often from Pizza by Evan. By our standards, it's great. We LOVE George's. I also enjoy Sweet Tomatoes. On occassion if am leaving work and heading off Cape I will bring a pie to Mom.

                                                                                              1. re: phelana

                                                                                                Agree on Georges and Sweet Tomatoes. Which Evens do you go to, the one on 6A in Yarmouthport?

                                                                                        3. Captain Parkers Pub sucks balls. Horrible, cold, greasy oversalted scallops. That is all.

                                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                                          1. re: morningwood farms

                                                                                            And Parker's award winning chowder is a tasteless, floury, gloppy mess.

                                                                                          2. I seldom go to the Cape (too crowded, bad restaurants, crass boat-shoed Bostonians braying loudly) but this thread was hilarious.

                                                                                            8 Replies
                                                                                            1. re: jzzy55

                                                                                              "crass boat-shoed Bostonians braying loudly"......LMFAO. You nailed it. And they have no idea what a decent restaurant meal is. Leave the state. Get an experience.

                                                                                              1. re: bbalmer

                                                                                                Glad I made someone's day today. The only time someone ever called my son the N-word was on a beach on the Cape. Actually he's an indigenous person from South America, stupid Bahstonian.

                                                                                                1. re: jzzy55

                                                                                                  well, I have no need to defend any place I travel..I respect individual differences...it's pretty diverse down here....or at least my experience as a resident since 97 (and having a bi racial daughter). I love to dine around whenever I travel...IMHO on Cape we have some excellent hole in the walls, some wonderful fine dining options and some sincere talented chefs who put out some great meals..anyway, that's not what this board is about so may I just say, the Worst of the Cape not a restaurant but a place I try and try to buy food to prepare at home is easily given to Ring Brothers. Their fruit continues to either be overpriced or rotten or both. Their produce is grossly overpriced. I do love the fish market, meat market for Bell and Evans chicken (but prefer DPM) and the wine shop.

                                                                                                2. re: bbalmer

                                                                                                  As the original thread starter and frequent contributor I'll chime in. I'm not as nice a person as Phelana so i have no problem defending the area.

                                                                                                  The Cape has about 1200 restaurants serving a population of 215,000 or so. There's bound to be a few stinkers, as this thread illuminates. This is true anywhere as I've seen first hand having travelled extensively. As Phelena states, there are some gems out there so painting it with such broad brush strokes is unfair. (And last time i checked racism is not limited to the Cape).

                                                                                                  I'd put 28 Atlantic up against any restaurant in the state, or out of state for that matter. There are others, but this thread was an attempt to steer folks away from the bottom of the barrel to better enjoy their stay here.

                                                                                                  Sure, the Cape gets crowded in season. Probably due to its world class beaches, historic and quaint locales, scenic byways and the like. But locals know how to get around and avoid traffic like on rte 28 and to stay clear of Hyannis until after Labor Day.

                                                                                                  Lastly, I'll echo Ciclista's query, how do you know the mouth-breather was a Bostonian. We get many New Yorkers, New Jerseyites, and others here in the summer, too.

                                                                                                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                    If there was a like button to your response, Cape Cod Guy, I would have. And one should remember you can get a clunker for even the best place and a pleasant surprise from something divey looking. We'll just report the news :)

                                                                                                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                      Well said, CCG. Cape Cod is not the vast gastronomic wasteland. You just have to know where to go and where to avoid.

                                                                                                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                                                                        I lived in Boston for 10 years -- recognized the family accent as "Boston area." I am sure there are good restaurants on the Cape, though. I won't threadjack like this in the future. Pinky swear.

                                                                                                        1. re: jzzy55

                                                                                                          There are plenty of excellent/good spots to eat on the Cape. However, combing through this thread I don't think I saw mention of a place to avoid. SHUCKERS in Falmouth is the #1 all time bad restaurant for its price point. Historically comical. Go there for the drinks outside, do not eat a thing there. Instead go next door to the Kidd (disagree with others strongly) and order off the "special board." Place is legit.