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Mar 21, 2007 07:23 AM

Brooklyn Hound in NOLA

Hi Everyone,
I am spending a long weekend in NOLA. It will be my second trip. The first time I tried most of the tourist things (Central Grocery, Acme, Cafe Du Monde) and ate at Emeril's. This time around, based on some info on the board, I made reservations at NOLA and Cochon. I left a free night as well. I am thinking I should check out Mother's and possibly the Palace Cafe. I'd like to stay a short cab ride away from the FQ. Anyone have other suggestions? Did I make the right choices?

Also, I am an avid beer traveler. I spent the last trip in Club Decatur drinking really cheap awesome beer in the sun. Is dba still open? Any other good beer spots around town?

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  1. I'm not a fan of Palace Cafe. If you don't mind spending some dollars, go to K-Paul's, or maybe Peristyle. dba is still open, and if you're going to be over there anyway, you could eat at Adolfo's across the street, very good New Orleans Italian food. Cheaper, try Coop's Place.

    Other good beer places: Bulldog on Magazine, or Cooter Brown's all the way at the end of St. Charles. Bulldog has a nice patio now, and they both have decent bar food. Delachaise is a bar with excellent food, they have some interesting beer, but more wine and liquor selections.

    1. dba is still open and they've still got Chimay on tap, which is reason enough for a visit. If your days aren't planned out & you've got a car, you could always take a trip up to Abita Springs (over the lake) and visit the Abita brewery. It's a really short tour (unlike Harpoon, Sam Adams, Wachusett and Magic Hat), but enjoyable and they open up the taps for you to drink.

      Cochon was nominated for a James Beard award yesterday (and Donald Link for Herbsaint, too)!

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        Second the drive to Abita Springs. Note that the Abita Brewery and the brewpub are not close together. After the brewery tour, you can pretty much drink all you want in the tap room. We had one tour guide make offer us half and halfs of purple haze and turbodog. Not my favorite, but it was memorable. Just try not to get loaded. It's a long way back over the causeway.

      2. I would skip NOLA. We ate there in October and it was just horrible. We canceled our entrees after just tasting 3 appetizers. YUCK. I like Palace Cafe. Definitely go there and have the crabmeat cheesecake. Never had a bad meal there. I second K-Paul's. We usually eat there twice on each trip - wonderful. Make reservations!

        1. can i just suggest Adalphos on top of the apple barrel bar on frenchmen(across from dba). defenitely a locals place. great food, ambiance, cheap but decent wine. A little rough around the edges, but a real gem. it has italian cajun cuisine. i dont live in new orleans anymore, and i miss adolphos, verti marte, monas, and liuzzas the most. oh, and horinoya.

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            Thanks for all of the recommendations. We'll definitely make dba and Adolphos part of our trip. Seems like conflicting views of Palace Cafe, so I'll probably check out K-Paul and skip NOLA.