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Mar 21, 2007 07:17 AM

Corn torillas for home?

Anyone know the best place to buy corn torillas in Dallas? Hispanic Grocery stores, takeout at a restaurant, other?


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  1. I certainly DON'T know the best place to buy corn tortillas in Dallas, but I usually buy corn tortillas from either Fiesta or Dallas Tortilla Factory. Dallas Tortilla Factory's are more flavorful (and I ultimately prefer them), but they tend to be a little dry. Fiesta's are lacking in flavor, but are moist and pliable.

    But I make NO CLAIMS as to these places holding any supremacy, and I'd be interested to know some better places.

    1. Tortillas Del Rancho on kingsley and first street in garland. Their tortillas are thinker then regular store bought tortillas and absolutely amazing !

      1. We like the corn tortillas at Mariano's on Skillman, just east of the Skillman/Abrams intersection. They make them fresh, and we have ordered for take-out to serve at our house when we serve Mexican food for parties, family gatherings, etc.