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Mar 21, 2007 06:53 AM

Cafe Spice in Towson

Am having dinner there Thursday night. It's a new restaurant (the first I've heard of it) on York Road in the old downtown Towson corridor. Can't find any reviews online, so hoping people here have suggestions/advice about this place.

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  1. Are you sure that you are not thinking of the Spice Market iin the Colonade (sp?). This is the same spot as the former Polo Grill.

    This is a new restaurant owned by the same pople who also have the Ambassador and Carlyle.

    Went there a couple of months ago and really enjoyed my duck. Sort of traditional american fare with asian (indain) undertones.

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      Well, I know you're not talking about the Spice Market, but just as a side note, I went there in December for lunch and it was pretty freaking horrible. Like "this is a joke" horrible. Just thought I'd mention that.

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        I eat at Cafe Spice alot. The owners are very nice and the food is pretty good.

      2. Are you talking about the place thats across from the library on York Road, it used to be a Korean Restaurant?

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          That's the one (I believe). Any reviews, good or bad?

        2. So funny you ask. I drove past it this weekend and, while I had never noticed it before, I thought it sounded familiar, as in I had heard something about it recently. And here it is! City Paper actually reviewed it a couple of weeks ago.

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              The dinner was last night.

              We were very pleased with our meal.Tried the lamb rogash and the eggplant bartha (sp?) and the chicken tandoori. All the dishes were well above average and free from excess oil and cream that can often mark too many Indian meals.

              The naan bread was excellent, but the star standout was the chicken tandoori. It was juicy and tender and packed with flavors, as opposed to the usual dried out morsels of chicken. I heartily recommend this place to anyone looking for Indian food, and the prices are reasonable as well.

                1. re: hon

                  No idea, probably not. I didn't see a wine menu.

          1. I love it! I go there all the time for the lunch buffet. They were very helpful when I had my student belly dance recital there, too, so now I have a once a month bellydance meeetup there, and they've been really easy to work with. I agree with the other comment that the food is not too greasy, but it has great flavor. And they DO have a full bar.

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              I was at the Hafla last night and while the dancing was good for the most part, the food was terrible. The vegetable korma had lima beans and corn in it, obviously from an industrial-sized bag of frozen veg. I've had off-the-menu dinner there, and it was good enough (I like that they have okra on the menu, unlike most Baltimore Indian restaurants). Just stay away from bellydance night if you actually want to eat well.

              1. re: theminx

                I had the lunch buffet the other day. Overall, I enjoyed it. Not the best Indian, but a very solid choice. The owners are very nice. If I am in the Towson area and have an Indian craving, I would stop by Cafe Spice.

                1. re: OscarTehGrouch

                  I adore Cafe Spice. I've had mixed opinions of the buffet, but they have a solid lunch crowd. I much prefer the full menu for dinner.

                  I swear by the chana masala and gobi manchuri. It's the best chana masala I have had anywhere. In my experience, everything is perfectly spiced and the owners/staff could not be more helpful.

                  A few months ago my husband contemplated trying a goat dish. The owner advised him not to. She said that the goat was delicious, but had a lot of bones and she would not want him to order it and not like it. Instead she advised that he try it from the lunch buffet menu before ordering it for dinner. (Recently, he did try it from the lunch buffet and agreed whole-heartedly with her description:delicious, but with lots of bones.)

                  The only downside is that the dinner service can be a little slow sometimes. It's because they make everything to order. Once it was so slow that we were starting to get annoyed, but the owners are so friendly and the food is so good, that we quickly forgave them.

                  I REALLY don't want this place to go out of business, so I hope everyone gives it a try. You won't be sorry!

                  1. re: ronandaim

                    We (my Fiance and I) tried Cafe Spice today for the lunch buffet and unfortunately we will still have to be loyal to our favorites: Kitchen of India, Mt Everest and the Ambassador Dining Room. Cafe Spice certainly seems like a good place, but we (especially my Fiance) prefer less spicy Indian food. In actuality I believe all the Indian restaurants we've tried are pretty good - but not always to our liking. Maybe our tastes are too Americanized? At Cafe Spice, one thing I noticed that I have not seen in Indian restaurants around Baltmore that we've tried is that many of the patrons appeared to be Indian. My observations of our lunch today were as follows: It seems like it might be hard to find parking at times. The dining room is very clean, neat and attractive creating a nice atmosphere. The Hostess/Waitress (Owner?) seems like the most warm and perceptive person on the planet. The buffet food for the most part seemed to be pretty spicy. The Naan bread was very good. There were many dishes suitable for a vegetarian. I did not like the fact that there were no lamb dishes or Chicken Tika Masala. There was a dish similar to Chicken Tika Masala that didn't have much chicken and had bones. I thougth the tandori chicken was done just right. There were two desserts - one was rice pudding and the other was a carrot-salad dessert and both were amazingly good. Places we've tried around Baltimore - to give you an idea of our basis for comparison (mostly the lunch buffets) thus far are Mt. Everest, Ambassador Dining Room, Akbar, Mehek, India Palace and the Kitchen of India. I've tried a couple of others but one was on the Rockville Pike in Rockville close to Montrose Road (I think that one closed - can't remember the name) and Coromandel in Orange Connecticut.

                    1. re: Whitemarshjohn

                      My sentiments exactly...

                      I wrote a review in the indian buffet thread, and generally liked Cafe Spice, but they are way too heavyhanded on some spices...