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Mar 21, 2007 06:42 AM

graduation dinner near san jose

Looking for a restaurant near San Jose w/ a private room for around 20 people for a graduation dinner (the graduate, who's finishing her BA as we speak, is 80!). Had a fantasy of a Chinese banquet, since she grew up in China, but reading past posts on this Board, nothing leapt out at me. I am open to any kind of cuisine, as long as there's great food and lovely ambience.

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  1. Tanglewood, in Santana Row, does private rooms, and the reports seem very favorable.

    I KNOW there have to be some wonderful Chinese options, though, and I hope someone else comes up with some. What a wonderful graduation!

    1. Does anyone know if Dynasty (near Vallco) or Joy Luck Place in Cupertino has private rooms?

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        Dynasty does have private rooms (many in fact). I also have no qualms suggesting Dynasty as a celebratory restaurant. Ming's in Palo Alto, Mayflower in Milpitas Square, Hong Fu in Cupertino, Loon Wah in Cupertino, Shanghi Seafood Harbor in Sunnyvale - there are plenty of options.

        I'm assuming the grad is a future SJSU alum - For something downtown, and non-chinese I'd go to E&O Trading Co (it's 'fun'), Restaurant-O in Campbell, 71 st. peter in San Jose (San Pedro Square), That steakhouse @ four seasons (forgot its name), and don't forget mango or guava cake from Aki's!

        Congrats! Quite an accomplishment.

      2. My dept. at work held our Christmas lunch last year at The Grill on the Alley at the Fairmont Hotel. There were 21 of us and we dined in a nice private room. Service was wonderful and everyone enjoyed their meal.

        1. my boyfriend had his law school grad party at al fornaio, which is downtown in the hyatt. loved the ambience there!

          1. How about 71 St. Peter's? Lovely atmosphere and food, and I believe they do offer a private room.
            I have heard nice things about Loft, where I think you can eat on the roof, which sounds fun. But the folks I heard from had mostly gone for drinks and small plates, so you might want to check out the menu first.