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Mar 21, 2007 06:10 AM

Really like Siam Orchid for Thai, Manchester NH!

I forget about this little great place. It's right on Second Str. in that strip mall with Applebees.

We had a great dinner last night: started with an excellent tom yum soup (that lousened my sinuses nicely and tasted fantastic). tried some new Pearl Dumplins (tasty - very different) and fresh rolls wrapped in cucumber. I was also eyeing the calamari (but will have to get next time). We also got their pad thai which was really great, some places don't have all the flavors that I crave, this one was very fresh, nice mix of seafood and meat, peanuts, lime, etc. Deliscous. Last dish was wild boar basil with mushrooms and peppers - very tasty.

There is a location in Concord as well.

To be honest - our heart was set on sitting at Golden Bowl for Vietnamese but they were closed so our taste buds took us to Siam Orchid - very very pleased.

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  1. My mom, girlfriend and I ate at the Concord, NH location last night and we loved everything about it including the decorations and friendly staff. I had the Hot and Crazy Noodles...similar dish known by different names--smokey flat noodles with chicken, peppers, baby corn, and basil. My mom had duck noodle soup. My girlfriend had pineapple shrimp and rice which was mild but the rice had excellent flavor. We shared two orders of coconut and ginger fried ice cream.

    1. Lex, if you think that place was good, you definitely have to go to Lakorn Thai on No. Maine Street a block away from Siam. I personally was very disappointed in Siam when I went, the Golden Bags were greasy and lacked any real flavor, like they were cooked too long in old oil that was not high enough in temperature. The Pad Thai was fine, but nothing like what I got at Lakorn, but the worst part was the service.... sloooooooooooooooooooooooow and very curt, like they were miffed at me for daring to ask for water refill more than one time. (they give you tiny glasses with 15 ice cubes and one ounce of water!!)

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        I'll have to give them a try. I've had great food and service at both Manch & Concord Siam (but this was just about a year ago, maybe they are going downhill in Manch).

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