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Mar 21, 2007 04:15 AM

Waiting, waiting, waiting

So, after seeing so many empty and pending to open places, I thought I'd start a list:

Jill, on Court. Used to be Bobo Gourmet, next to the newly placed Miriam. Anyone know what this will be? Its definitely gonna be food.

Thai place on Court off Bergen used to be old Thai place. Yay, a new Thai place. Just what Cobble Hill needs < sarcasm >. Any word?

Jessie Brooklyn Kitchen. on Smith across from Key Food. Paper has been on windows for -months-. Any word?

Vivir- on Court at Amity. Lasted 2 months or so. What next? I heard some rumors but won't spread gossip here til I have better confirmations.

Mucho Gusto on Columbia. I've peeked in for months now. The decor looks wrong as wrong can get but hey, the food could be good right? Any word?

Po on Smith has been talked about.

and....Bergen Bistro, Bergen off Court, the backside of the Mexican place. The doors have been opened and closed a bunch after being shut for -years-. Any word?

Anyways, not like we are starving around here. Just curious.

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  1. Po has a liquor license notice in the window, didn't look closely enough to see the date.

    1. I don't have the scoop on any of the places you listed, but Hibino on Henry and Pacific has set a tentative opening date of 3/26, next week.

      I also remember reading somewhere that the old OTB space on court and sackett is going to be a french bistro soon, but it looks as dead as ever. Add that to the mystery list!

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      1. re: oolah

        Theres been a lot of work going on in that OTB space, and guys in suits with clipboards....

        1. re: Larry Brooks

          Word on the street is that Cafe on Clinton is changing (changed?) hands shortly

          1. re: deepyarn

            That's interesting. The owner (or one of the owners) also owns Buddy's Burrito and was involved with the several ruminations that were Latin Grill, Blue Star and South (now it's Tea Lounge and always packed, not same owner). Maybe he's tossing in the towel?

            1. re: bklyngrl

              He still owns the building that houses Cafe on Clinton and will collecting rent as well as whatever he is selling the business for. From what I hear, 18 years of running COC was enough. As far as the chain of businesses that ended with South -- he may own that location too, but I don't know.

            2. re: deepyarn

              Oh i really hope that's not true. It was the first place I ever ate in when I first moved to the neighborhood years before Smith St. was anything more than bodegas and downscale businesses (with the earlier incarnation of Marquet Patisserie the lone harbinger of what the street would become). At that time it seemed to be one of the only non-Italian restaurants in the area. I've never had a bad meal there and have always found it to be a lovely, quiet neighborhood place that really has a different vibe than anywhere else. Comfortable, dependable, if not ground-breaking food, decent prices and friendly service. What more could you ask for?

              1. re: bklynite

                Word is that the new owner is the chef from an established local bistro known for unlimited drinks with their brunch. I have also heard that the new owner plans to retain the current staffing.

        2. New Thai place on Court has a sign "Thai Chili". Serving Thai and continental (what's that mean?)

          No word on Po.

          Cafe Kai closed by DOH

          Jessie's Kitchen, nothing.

          Brawta closed by the FEDS!!!

          Heard Brooklyn Inn will revert back to a French Bistro (from ions ago).

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          1. re: bklyngrl

            Picked up a Thai Chili menu yesterday - majority are standard thai dishes, but a few odd italian items like linguini and clam sauce, or lobster ravioli?

            1. re: EJC

              I didn't do Cafe Chili's menu credit. They have an entire "From East to West" menu, complete with Gorgonzola salad, crab cakes, honey mustard salmon, mussels a la meuniere, etc to go along with their curries.

          2. Brooklyn Pita on Seventh AVenue between 7th & 8th Streets.

            They've had a "coming soon" sign for weeks.

            The sign showing a photo of Gyro spit is mouthwatering beautiful, as I walk by almost daily - hope that means they know how to prepare an inspiring donner-gryo-shawarma

            1. too bad none of these restaurants will be any good. cobble hill should follow in the footsteps of williamsburgh, they have good restaurants and cobble hill area lacks. the former siam garden wasn't great, but was the best thai in the hood. viola, where jessies kitchen might be, wasnt great italian, it was the best in the hood, though. the fact that pacifico and tabar bac (spelling) thrive, sums up the culinary i.q. of the community. we are starving around here, for good food.

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              1. re: roebear

                agree about the high quantity of mediocre restaurants in cobble hill. pacifico, bar tabac, gravy, and la rosa & sons are all huge disappointments. however, bar tabac has a decent brunch. not that that counts for anything. aside from grocery, frankie's 457, and brooklyn social, i really don't feel there are that many outstanding food & beverage destinations. while i have had my fair share of bad meals in williamsburg (lodge & snackies), i have to say we need a dumont or diner or marlow & sons in cobble hill. i would take one of those vs. 5 so-so newcomers.

                1. re: brooklynfoodie

                  Try Downtown Atlantic--it's similar to those Williamsburg restaurants that you mention in that it's reliable, dependable, flexible, and often quite delicious. Not stylish...but this isn't Williamsburg, of course.

                  1. re: brooklynfoodie

                    i would love to see some neat places here in coble hill. we could use a szecuan place. it would be cool to have korean soft tofu with korean bbq. how about a chinese dumpling restaurant, nothing big, just a small store would do. how about really good yakitori!!!. i like american bbq, i like dinosaur in harlem, i love their devils duo wings. you know, that old blockbuster store would be perfect size for a dinosaur bbq. i quess some could say if i want these places i should open one. i just know if we had these type places people would find them to be very delicious and much much better then pacifico. how about a tempura house!! that would be great!!

                  2. re: roebear

                    While I agree that the northern edge of court st is bleak and I admittedly don't have high hopes for Jesse's or Chili Cafe, I wouldn't exactly say we're *starving*. Closer to Atlantic, Lunetta, Saul, Hibino and Hanco are all serving up great food. The Grocery, Cube 63, Paninoteca, Frankie's and Lucali's cover the south end with some delicious treats. That's not even counting what lies across the BQE in Red Hook.

                    Not that I would turn away a good dumpling shop, or an awesome korean bbq place...

                    And hey, Po may turn out to be a winner. I'm an optimist :)

                    1. re: oolah

                      i noticed that raga has re-opened from their dept of health closing. i was a bit concerned about that place before they were even shuttered. their red carpet was almost black and that gives a good indication about their cleaning habits.