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Mar 21, 2007 03:55 AM

Stuffed baguette?

Does anyone have or remember a recipe from the first New York Times cookbook (1960s?) for a stuffed baguette? You took out the crumb and filled top half with chopped watercress and butter and the bottom with cream cheese and anchovies, then stuck it together, cooled and sliced. Sounds peculiar perhaps but I think it is what I need to feed a certain crowd.

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  1. No, but it sounds like a variation on 'pan bagna'--maybe the name of the recipe is similiar?

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    1. re: Olivia

      Sounds wonderful! I'd love to try it out - minus the anchovies


      I know that I saw a recipe for that on this website somewhere.

      1. my mom made something like this when i was a kid, but she creamed the cream cheese, butter and anchovies together, and chopped thge cress quite fine. she also sometimes used boursin cheese mixed with butter. guilty delicious pleasures.

        1. Darn, thought I had seen this on the boards but this is a different (though similar) recipe.

          1. Sounds tasty! I have the NYT cookbook (1961) and just looked through the index and couldn't find it under the ingredients. I'll go through the book.

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              Found it, it's in the "Appetizers" chapter.

              Stuffed French Bread (p. 48 of the New York Times Cookbook). The recipe is the same as the one I found at the link below. Sounds good, now I want to make it!


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                Thank you so much Rubee, I can't tell you how grateful I am.