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Mar 21, 2007 01:40 AM

Good Food in Livermore?

I've got family there (as well as Fremont). Have had good food at only 2 good places. L&M, and Railroad Cafe. I took my family to the ale house, I ordered a burger that was great the other 3 people that I took (I insisted on going there too :( !!), order the worst fish & chips I have ever seen. Last time I ate a Casa Orozco, it was lame too.


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  1. Unfortunately, Livermore has much room for improvement when it comes to restaurants. We have the quantity, just not the quality I'm afraid.

    I'm sorry you had to endure Casa Orozco. It's such a shame that such a beautiful building is wasted on such god awful food. Horrible, terrible, yuck.

    As for the Ale House, it passes in the "decent bar food" department. And, of course, it's a great place for a pint. The back patio is nice, especially if you have a large group.

    My favorite place is the Zephyr (on Main Street, next to the Vine Cinema). Dinner is a bit pricey for the fare, so stick w/ lunch (good salads & soup) or happy hour (3-6 daily). My favorite item is the mushroom pizza w/ red pepper aioli. It's on the regular menu but not the happy hour menu (though they'll make it for happy hour if you ask for it). They also make a great martini.

    1. Wente is great for something different. The food is pretty good but the setting and the wine are fantastic. There is an italian place (Bruno's?) right downtown that was good the two times I've tried it. You might be better off making the drive to Pleasanton.

      1. I went to a family group dinner at Terra Mia,an Italian place on East St in Livermore this summer. We had a pre-set menu, so didn't get a really good sense of the menu, but what we had was nicely done. My younger sister, who organized the event, said that they were nice folks to work with.

        The restaurant is very attractive, with a fireplace and a patio area for outdoor dining. I haven't seen many, if any, posts on CH, so more reports back would be great if anyone has been.

        Terra Mia Italian
        4040 East Avenue
        (between Hillcrest Ave & Xavier Way)
        Livermore, CA 94550
        (925) 456-3333

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          DH went back there with "the boys" after the Big Game when we were otherwise occupied. Not sure what they ate; I just know they all enjoyed it. And he said that the staff was very nice...even gave him directions to get to where he had to go to pick us up in Tracy.....

        2. Took a stroll in downtown Livermore friday afternoon and didn't spot much chow-wise of interest. We walked into the Mexican grocer,
          Carniceria La Aurora
          124 Maple St
          Livermore, CA 94550
          (925) 371-5513
          which besides a meat counter, shelves of pan dulce, and Mexican packaged goods, also had a selection of Peruvian products.

          Even more interesting was the flyer taped on the front window offering comida peruana, by calling the number listed ahead of time.

          Since the phone number is different from the shop, it may not have any connection to the store. And, while this offering was for Saturday the 17th, it might be worth following up to see if it's on-going.

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            1. re: Fat Billie

              Well, the proof is in the tasting. Hope it's still accessible, pls let us know what you find out.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Several good places in Livermore. Terra Mia and Wente, mentioned above. Sansar, First Street (Indian). El Castillito, North P St (taqueria). Zephyr Grill on First St. Sai's on Bluebell in north Livermore (north of 580), best Vietnamese in the tri-valley. Ancestro's (Mexican) on First St.

                1. re: chow_eb

                  Thanks for adding those. The two spots along the downtown stroll that looked like they might cook with some heart and soul were L&M that Billie mentioned and Tequila's Taqueria. We'd already had South Indian for lunch in Dublin, so Sansar's offerings didn't hold much appeal at the time, but worth noting for the future. Any opinion on Tequila's?

                  And, didn't see it, but what about Redz for a dirty-water hot dog?
                  1536 N Vasco Rd
                  Livermore, CA 94551
                  (925) 443-4274

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    Tequila's is very good. But there is another Taqueria around the corner on First St. that I liked even better. Can't remember the name, but it is right in the middle of the block near most of the other small cshops. Might have been Ancestro's, which is mentioned above.
                    Other than that, I think for the overall experience, Wente is hard to beat.

                    1. re: WCFoodie

                      Perhaps it was Los Caporales? That's in the middle of the block. Very tiny, but with outside seating as well (which is great for the summer, b/c Los Caporales is NOT air conditioned).
                      Taquila's is a good value. They have notoriously huge burritos. Los Caporales is a bit better, though a bit sketchy on the cleanliness factor.
                      Better yet is the taqueria in the old Taco Bell (now painted bright yellow) next to the McDonald's on P Street. I don't know the name, but the food is great and dirt cheap.

                      1. re: bourbongirl

                        > Better yet is the taqueria in the old Taco Bell (now painted
                        > bright yellow) next to the McDonald's on P Street. I don't know
                        > the name, but the food is great and dirt cheap.

                        That's El Castillito. (I mentioned it above). It's my second favorite taqueria, after Ancestro's. Los Caporales (middle of First St) is my third. I like all the taquerias on First St (5?) better than Anita's.

                      2. re: WCFoodie

                        I'll bet anything it was Anita's. They're everyone's favorite place and right next to the free parking structure downtown too and the movie theater

                        1. re: ilsescully

                          Anita's isn't on First Street, though; it's on Railroad.
                          Anita's is definitely the most cozy taqueria in town. Some menu items are better than others. Everything I've had there with seafood has been subpar, but the carne asada tacos and al pastor tacos are decent, and refritos are velvety goodness.

            2. There is a Fish Market in Fremont worth trying. The Mudd House in San Ramon/Dublin is a nice family place: beautiful garden, good food, and great lavender lemonade. I love Max's Diner in San Ramon as well.

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              1. re: Nham

                We have family moving to Tracy.

                Anything else any good?