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Mar 20, 2007 10:55 PM

Cooking whole pig leg

I'm intending to cook a whole pig leg for my sister's birthday in a couple of weeks. I've been looking for recipes and advice online, but the only recipe I found was Cuban style. I'm looking for something that uses juniper, maybe garlic, European flavors.

I know it will be 16 to 20 pounds, bone-in, but cannot visualise the size. Will it fit in a large home oven? how long will it take if I want a final, after resting temperature of
145 F (light pink)? Has anyone out there actually done this? I'm excited, but want to be prepared.

Also, if you're not tired by now, I'd love ideas on veggies that would complement the pig.


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  1. I did a whole shoulder(butt&picnic) on my large ceramic Grilldome. It was about 23 lbs, and I had to hack about 4" off the hock to get it to fit on the 18" dia. grate. I used Elder Ward's pulled pork rub recipe on it. I'm kinda wondering about cutting a decent wedge out of the side that will be on top, grinding and seasoning this portion, and stuffing the notch with it next time around.