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Mar 20, 2007 10:11 PM

kid-friendly in Belgravia/Victoria

Have been back in the states 3 years but am visiting with my 9-year-old. Looking for something after a matinee of Wicked -- wagamama, burgers, pizza. Everything has changed and I'm a little lost culinarily.Any thoughts, London 'hounds?

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  1. Victoria is a tough place for dining even if you don't have a child to consider. You can't go wrong with Pizza Express or Wagamama, but for something more interesting, try The Phoenix (G-pub) or Kazan (Turkish):

    1. Okay I'm back from London, and can report that although people love to bash Pizza Express, it was there when we needed it with a L5 pizza and a glass of wine for mommy. Our other meal was Noodle Noodle on Buckingham Palace Road. The Singapore Noodles weren't the finest in the land, but like so much one does on a budget in London, they'll do, and for L5, I can't complain. We passed Kazan, but it was rejected by my daughter. Thanks for the tips.

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        IMO, Pizza Express is always a good option, their pizzas are good, as are their salads, and yes, so is the wine! Wagamamas is also a reliable bet, and there's no need to book a table or anything. Both are incredibly child friendly.and reasonably priced. And better than going to the pub next door to the theatre anyway! Its' a great show, by the way, enjoy!