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Mar 20, 2007 10:07 PM

Breakfast in South Bay?

Looking to take my two little boys to breakfast tomorrow. Any thoughts? They're good at eating out; the place doesn't need to be kiddish.

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  1. Uncle bills pancake house in Manhattan Beach


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    1. re: Xericx

      Original Pancake House in Redondo or Scotty's in Hermosa near the pier.

    2. I don't know how little your boys are, but Joe's on PCH serves big breakfasts... a little bit on the dive-y side, but a South Bay favorite for alot guys I used to hang out with in my bachelor days...

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      1. re: bulavinaka

        They're 3. I didn't mention it at first because I suspect people pitch downward when they hear that. The truth is, they'll eat almost anything -- so it's really me who cares -- and they really are good at eating out (we eat lunch out every day, or at least we did till buying our new house in Redondo Beach last week; now we won't be able to afford it -- sob!).

        Thanks for the recommendations! Joe's on PCH is that place with the big "Eat at Joe's" sign, is that right?

        And Original Pancake House: I was just reading a post from some time ago saying that it's kinda dingy and dirty ... ? True? I'm taking the boys out partly because my husband usually takes care of them in the morning, but tomorrow he has a dentist appt. Anyway, I work at night, so I'm not much of a morning person (at all) and don't want somewhere dingy to the point of depressing!

        Thanks again for the replies!

        1. re: TheSpaceman

          I've eaten at the Pancake House at least four or five times in the last year, and it has always seemed pretty clean to me. I'd also recommend Ocean Diner on Aviation in Hermosa.

          1. re: TheSpaceman

            Your little guys are three and behave themselves while eating out? You did a great job raising them! Would you like to consider a trade (just temporary of course) for a 7 1/2 year old and 5 year old who could use some lessons?

            "Eat at Joe's," is the place. I've seen people of just about all ages in there - of course more so on the weekends. It's kind of fun as the set-up is picnic tables and benches. But I haven't eaten there in a while so you may have to depend on other Chowdogs for their recent experiences... good luck and keep those great sons of yours walking down the right path!

        2. Try coffee Cart in Manhatten Beach. Better food and less of a wait then Uncle Bill's

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          1. re: kobechow

            I'm a big fan of this place. While I love the buckwheat pancakes at Uncle Bill's Pancake House, I was a bigger fan of the food and atmosphere at Koffee Kart. It's an old-fashioned diner, including the old guys who sit at the counter arguing about minutiae all day (there was a colossal argument about rain gutters the last time I was there). And the food is very good, sturdy breakfast food. Think biscuits, omeletes, etc. Frankly, it's a bit out of place with the "Ken and Barbie set" in Manhattan Beach (so was I, for that matter...).

              1. re: rlknapp1

                Koffee Cart is not closed. I just ate there this morning and it was good as ever.

            1. If you just want basic eggs pancakes and a kids menu.. there is Hot-n-tots on PCH in Lomita .. just a little bit south of you.. It is an old 50's style diner that the same locals go to day after day not bad food but they give the kids licorce ropes with their meal which is a big hit.. plus crayons etc

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              1. re: kat_dew

                Check out Gaffey st Diner in San Pedro.....fantastic and huge portions...down home cooking from a very nice couple that run the place

                1. re: ccognac

                  2nd Gaffey's very good. If you want to go to San Pedro Rex's on Pacific is very good as well

                  1. re: kat_dew

                    Gaffey Street diner is good, but it is exactly the same experience as "Eat at Joes". Which would make sense since the owner was a cook at Joe's for many years.

              2. The boys will be very comfortable at Eat at Joes...picnic bench seating will be great for the little guys. Original pancake house is ok.....Scottys is a dump.....Ocean Diner would be great...parking a little bit of a challenge