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Mar 20, 2007 09:40 PM

Edinburgh- top 3 restaurants

We are three from New York and New Orleans. Looking for great food, elegant atmosphere, and perhaps a popular place. Will be in Edinburgh in May.

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  1. I haven't eaten out in Edinburgh very often (I'm from Glasgow) but The Witchery has a great reputation and is undoubtedly the most glamourous place in Edinburgh that I know of. It's right next to the Castle, has awards aplenty and celebrities always seem to choose it. The drawback is that it's a little pricey, and you would probably have to book in advance. You can see the menu and book online here:
    Hope you have a great stay in Scotland!

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      A good start would include The Witchery, Martin Wishart, Olorosso (by reputation, haven't been to the last one)....

    2. We like A Room In The Town and Jackson's on the Royal Mile. Jackson's is spendy but the food is very good and you can order a whisky to match each course. ARITT is cheaper but the food is still very good and you can BYO. ARITT has a sister place called A Room in The West End. All three places use a lot of local ingredients.

      Have never been to the Witchery but I know it is very popular and would second the suggestion to book.

      If you have extra time, pop over to Glasgow - there is some great food there, too!

      1. Some of the better-known Edinburgh restaurants tend to rely on the tourist trade and don't take as much care as they should. The ones in Leith are reliable. These two have Michelin stars:

        Martin Wishart (expensive. immaculate food, atmosphere can be a bit stuffy)
        The Kitchin (new, trendier place than than Wishart)

        In central Edinburgh:

        The Atrium is an established, reliable place with a great wine list
        Dusit Thai is a good, very popular New Town place
        Centotre is a lively modern Italian right in the centre of town
        Creelers is one of the few really good Old Town places--excellent fish

        People will recommend Oloroso: the food is unreliable in my experience but go on a sunny evening and have a drink on the terrace--best views in Edinburgh. You could also try the Harvey Nichols cocktail bar for the views but don't eat there.

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          Hello can I just say Martin Wishart, Martin Wishart, Martin Wishart. I love this place and have been lucky enough to eat at places like 68 Royal Hospital Road, Jean Georges and Le Bernardin and I have never been disappointed by anything I have eaten here. The setting does tend to the more formal but the staff are lovely and attentive and have a sense of humour and if there are three of you it may be less formal than if two. Also, the lunch option would be a good way of going but keeping the cost down. As others have mentioned in the same area are Kitchin and the Plumed Horse.
          In the Marchmont area Sweet Melindas is a cosy fish place and there is also a good thai round the corner called Thaisanuk. Both are smaller with good atmosphere and more reasonable..

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            Okay, now I really do have to try Martin Wishart! I do have a reservation for one night at Number One at the Hotel Balmoral since some of our group is staying there. But for the other night, I think I will make a reservation at Michael Wishart. How do you pronounce the last name? Like " wish-hart" or "WISH-ert" or "wissert"?
            Also, if we are staying in New Town at the Howard, is the drive very long? We would have to take a taxi. Thanks for any help you all could give me. Heading to Edinburgh in mid June.

        2. The 3 best restaurants in Edinburgh with all of your requirements are The Plumed Horse, The Vintners Room and Kitchen, all are in Leith. For Indian food Khushis in Victoria Street and for a great pub with attitude, atmosphere and fabulous open sandwiches, oysters etc The Canny Man in Morningside The Doric Tavern behind Waverly Station does good bistro food with Haggis being their most popular dish, just up from there is La Garrigue doing grreat French food

          1. I ate at the top of a museum when I was there. It was a nice restaurant but I cannot recall the name. I've heard good things about the Witchery, we tried to eat there but couldn't get a table (and it was te dead of winter and there had been a freak snow storm, so I would deffinitely plan ahead).

            If you want moderately priced but very tasty Indian food there is a place called the Calvelry Club (or something to that effect) that we enjoyed.