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Mar 20, 2007 09:39 PM

Arte Cafe West 73rd/74th Street

Can anyone comment on or recommend Arte Cafe regarding quality of food/value etc??

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  1. Arte is a decent neighborhood spot. Food is good and sticking to the pastas value is ok. Not a place worth traveling for by any stretch.

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    1. re: harrison

      Agreed. Nice long bar, friendly staff, pleasant enough atmosphere/prices/food. Fairly average, but if you go in expecting that and not looking to be wowed, you'll be fine..

      1. re: wiessner1

        Thanks to both harrison and wiessner1 - I'll be on vacation in NYC from Friday and living only a few hundred yards from Arte Cafe .... so I'm close enough to get a decent meal and not too far to travel that I will be dissapointed. Cheers!!

        1. re: elgordo

          Haven't been to the restaurant, but the bakery belonging to it, Arte Around the Corner, is one of my favorites, their muffins and cookies are divine, and the espresso drinks are great too, a solid stop for breakfast.

          1. re: jsgjewels

            i agree. arte cafe is okay while arte around the corner is just great. service is okay. pasta is not bad but i wouldn't travel for it. if you are gonna be living nearby while on vacation, walk the three blocks to pomodoro (columbus between w71 and w70). here are some reviews:

            1. re: jsgjewels

              What's the addres of Arte around the Corner?

              1. re: swarttav

                Quite literally around the corner from the restaurant on Columbus between 72nd and 73rd I believe. The honey loaf slices are incredibly drenched with sweet honey.

                1. re: xigua

                  Arte Around the Corner is a very sweet little shop with very good baked goods. I wish the restaurant, which is average, were as inspired as the cute little baked goods shop. I also wish AATC were bigger with more seating.

      2. OK - I'm a 57 y.o. white guy who lives in the depths of the Catskill Mountains where we still have 6" of snow on the ground on 4/18. I love the Arte Cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and I often go to "the city" - we start out very early, do our business, and hit the Arte Cafe for the early bird special. It is consistent and pleasurable! Of course, other times we go and stay overnight and do all the notable places, but for my money (which is less than I would like it to be) the Arte Cafe is a good value foe a solid experience.

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        1. re: swarttav

          hey there up in the mountains. what do you and your wife recommend at the arte cafe. i practically live down the block from the place. their chocolate yogurt muffins are excellent.
          what else should i try? thanks!!

          1. re: nativeNYer

            If you mean the bakery, we've not been there yet - not until next time we're down that way We find the restaurant very consistent as well as inexpensive; very good value. We usually go to the early bird special and partake of dishes not available by us. I think my favorite is the cavatelli with wild boar. This does not mean we don't try other places; over the years we have been to most of the good ones. But when we are making a one day trip of it (3 hrs ea way) the Arte Cafe works perfectly for us and we have yet to be disappointed.