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Stanley's Is it open?

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I hear rumors that it is open. Has anyone been?. Best Reuben Sandwich in the City, I miss it.

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    1. re: hamsoda

      They closed for renovations several months ago once Stella! reopened. I haven't heard that Stanley is open again, but I don't get down there much.

      1. re: JGrey

        The sign on the door says they planned to close in October '06 and reopen in January '07. Exactly no update since then.

      2. re: hamsoda

        I do mean Stanley associated with Stella. I would have hoped they would get open for the Tennessee Williams Festival this coming week and the STELLAhhhhhhh ! contest.

      3. I miss it too!!! and coincidence, just last night I heard from close secret source that they will not be reopening in that location. They're in conversation to move to undisclosed relocation but one that is close to the FQ.

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        1. re: nolatummy

          We were last there in July...and the location was on Decatur Street in the French Quarter....are they moving from that location?

          1. re: geegeeTX

            So I heard. They've been closed for renovations for awhile and were slated to be open by now but I was told that thet are going to reopen to different location somewhere also in the neighborhood I hope.

            1. re: nolatummy

              I had dinner in February at Stella and spoke to the chef about when it would reopen, he made no mention of relocating, but is starting a third restaurant in one of the hotels, maybe that is the buzz you heard.

        2. It is still closed, but will open sometime after its renovations.

          1. Have they reopened in the new location? Is there anything that looks like construction going on?

            1. I thought they were going into the old La Madeleine location in Jackson Square - is this right, or is there something else there now? (I'm an old New Orleanian not living there right now!)

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              1. re: bronwen

                That's right. It should be going in where La Madeleine used to be.

                1. re: Frolic

                  Stanley was scheduled to open this month, but we'll see how that turns out. This info was per sous chef Erik Veney at Stella!, so it should be accurate.

                  1. re: mikemill

                    Any updates? Will be in town in 10 days.......

                    1. re: CEfromLA

                      My latest info is May or June, due to the lease signing being delayed until January.

              2. i'll be in n.o. for two weeks the last part of june. hoping to make this at least a breakfast destination. does anyone know the restaurant's current status? thanks.

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                1. i just poked my head in the new space for stanley's(in the la madeleine space on the square). if they're opened THIS year, it'll be a miracle. every time i went by there was usually ONE guy bent over some spec sheets. no work being done at all. it's still quite naked inside so there's no way of getting a feel for what it'll look like whenever they do finish. o well. maybe next year.

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                  1. re: bataille2

                    We went to Stella's this past weekend, very good. I asked about Stanley's and they said they are HOPING to open in September.

                    1. re: south foodie

                      having seen where they are in terms of the most rudimentary construction, a sept opening seems impossible. i'm wishing them the best because i like their food quite a bit but i just don't think sept is going to happen from what i saw happening in the space. they've been SAYING they were opening in the near future for over a year now. if you'd seen the space, i think you'd understand what i'm saying.

                  2. I recently heard an opening the end of this month. Can anyone confirm this?

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                    1. re: Tonto

                      That's the rumour (from Chef Scott Boswell) but things are moving slowly...so I kind of doubt it. But it will be open at some point in the old La Madeline location in Jackson Square.

                      1. re: justagirl

                        Drove by Sunday. I can't imagine it would be open this month.

                        1. re: justagirl

                          We peeked in the window last weekend also. The upstairs (offices) appear to be complete but the downstairs still looks only gutted. There was a pile of drywall on the floor but that was the only material I saw. I would not make a bet on August or September.

                          1. re: sirvelvet

                            Ok. Third try today. let's see if it posts this time...

                            Does anyone have any updates on Stanley's opening date?

                            1. re: mikemill

                              I heard in August they were going to have a soft opening on the anniversary of Katrina. That didn't happen. Haven't been by recently to see what progress they are making. One wonders what is taking so long.

                              1. re: Tonto

                                No kidding. Chef Boswell has about a million projects planned at all times, and they don't seem to come through very well.

                              2. re: mikemill

                                From the outside looking in, it looks the same as it has for the past 2 or 3 months. That is, draped with painter's cloth and covered in drywall dust.

                                1. re: uptownlibrarian

                                  Has anyone seen any progress with this Restaurant.? Weren't they going to open off Jackson Square in the old La Madeline?

                                  1. re: Tonto

                                    Just took a peek inseide the location thru the window last weekend, and it looked dead as a doornail. Nothing going on.

                        2. I looked in on the spot on Sept 29, and it looked a full month away from completion. I'm guessing a bit, but I cannot believe anything, pre-Nov and then maybe late Nov.

                          I'll be interested in trying it next trip, as they should have had a soft-opening and have sorted things out.

                          I'll be watching this thread.


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                          1. re: Bill Hunt

                            Boswell said it was going to open by Sept. Looked in November 1st and it looked more deserted compared to the work going on a few months ago. Is it still going to open?

                          2. OPEN! Just ate there on 12/18/08. And that Reuben is the BEST! They are right on the corner of Jackson Square where the French Bakery used to be.

                            1. they are definitely open.

                              1. Had breakfast there this morning. Great food, excellent service, tasty coffee, fun!! I can't wait to go back.