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Mar 20, 2007 08:57 PM

Graham Kerr / Galloping Gourmet video?

Hi. I've been scouring the web and libraries for video of the old Galloping Gourmet show (Graham Kerr) from the 60's and 70's. It seems like there was an A&E biography on him with footage from the show, but it's out of print. Does anyone have a copy or a source for this video? I have a hunch he's not interested in that show being released since he promotes healthy living now. However, I can't even find his more recent shows except for a "Lifestyle" series.

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  1. I've searched off and on for same, but no success. Many years ago, Food Network reran Galloping Gourmet late at night, as well as other kitchen classics like Julia Child, etc. I agree, the show will probably not be commercially available for the reason you gave.

    It was a hoot watching him - fully equipped with an avocado-green electric cooker, slugging down glasses of wine, and finally bringing some young lass from the audience to share the feast with him. I regretted not taping any episodes.

    1. Ahoj.
      It was a few years back when the Food Network ran some episodes (early in the morning) of the Galloping Gourmet - there were 455, but I know of only about half (220 or so) being "cablecast". Fortunately, I was able to record many of them.

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        Did you manage to get the one where he's on a fishing boat and they catch no fish, but get blasted instead?

      2. Good Luck in finding any of his oldest video. His 2nd series is probably the only one "available" outside of eBay or Amazon. He did all he could to make sure no one could see the first series after he had a heart attack & switched to more healthful recipes. He also had a religious conversion & as part of it asked his viewers to destroy the first set of vids & cookbooks. Maybe they're in an archive @ Beard House or a university.

        1. I was a kid when this was first on, and I loved the show. However, I've seen some of them relatively recently, and as a cooking show, it's not very good. The man is literally half-crocked throughout, slurping wine and slopping food all over the place. The food he prepares on camera is usually a disaster; fortunately, they eat a swap-out at the end. The unctious expressions of orgasmic bliss he makes whilst eating are ludicrous and embarassing, particularly in the close-up shots that emphasize every pimple, mole, and driblet of spilled sauce on his face. He can be quite funny and entertaining, but as a TV cook, he's nothing to write home about.

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          1. re: Vladimir Estragon

            This is exaclty why I watched it. Great stuff.

          2. I see this thread is rather old. The original Galloping Gourmet series was made in Ottawa, Canada, of all places, for CBC television. The VCR did not yet exist, and I think the series was filmed.

            There isn't much chance that he would have released this commercially, but you could contact the CBC to find out for sure. Try:


            Note that the archive site does not work in Firefox.

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              FYI, I was wrong about 2 things - he was run over by a bus & his wife had a stroke & then a heart attack which shut down the first series. See Wikipedia

              BTW, while homes did not have VTRs or VCRs, networks, stations, universities. etc. did have ungainly, but workable video tape recorders as well as film kinescopes to record programs.

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                Loved this show. It was not filmed, nor was it broadcast live, but rather it was produced on videotape (doing a show like this on film would have been a VERY expensive proposition).
                I remember watching it occasionally during the original run on the local (New York City) CBS station, at 1:00 in the afternoon, sandwiched between game shows and soap operas.

                The tapes do still exist, and as has been pointed out, the Food Network ran about half of them (back in the days when the Food Network actually had interesting programming).
                It would be a hoot to see these on the air again. His technique was all over the place, and he sure did act sloshed, but he made some damned fine looking dishes...

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                  Not at all surprising that the show was filmed in Ottawa. After all, the Kerrs were living in Canada at the time. Unfortunately the CBC archives do not provide video or film to the general public so that source is not going to work. I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions.

                  FYI, here's a brief note about the original CBC show (page down a bit to read):


                  The Kerrs still maintain a web site though there's not a lot of historical detail on it: