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Mar 20, 2007 08:19 PM

Nice dinner in NYC area? [moved from Manhattan board]

I have the use of a classic car this Friday night and want to take a drive somewhere outside of NYC for a wonderful dinner. Doesn't necessarily have to be fancy - just great - and somewhere fun to drive to. I was thinking City Island, Westchester, anywhere......anybody have any recommendations? Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. Harvest on Hudson in hastings

    Blue Hill if you want to drive a bit further

    121 in North Salem if you want a more scenic drive and take back roads!!!

    1. Hostaria Mazzei in Port Chester, best authentic Italian food outside of Italy. The place is warm and charming. You won't be disappointed.

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        I love Port Chester, but it's not a "fun drive" from NYC in my opinion (North on I95 on a Friday night?). Definitely worth a trip, but doesn't take advantage of your classic car opportunity.

        I'd recommend heading to the other side of the river - take George Washington Bridge and then north on Palisades Interstate Parkway. Check out the following restaurants up Rockland County: Restaurant X (Blauvelt?), Freelance Cafe (Piermont), or Relish (Sparkill) on previous boards/postings and their websites. La Bamba in Sparkill for quality but not fancy Mexican. Or if you want to stay on the East Bank, head up the Taconic, across 301 West, and to Cold Spring - go to Cathryn's Tuscan Kitchen in Cold Spring.

        Happy driving - leave early enough so you can enjoy the light of day (sun setting about 7:30pm these days). Let us know where you wind up!

        Nancy C