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Mar 20, 2007 07:59 PM

Non Meat Eater Restaurant Suggestions

I hate to post this as I see this post over and over on the board but my husband and I are going to be in Montreal this Thurs to Sat and we need some restaurant recommendations. The hard part is although we do eat fish and seafood, we do not eat...well I guess it is best to put it... land animals lol.
We are just looking for a nice dinner venue for one night and have come up with a few suggestions:
Le P'tit Plateau
La Colombe
Au Petit Extra
The only trouble is we need to know where best to go for a seafood/fish based menu and have had a hard time finding websites or deciphering the french menu for some of these restaurants (rudementary grade 9 French gets you only so far)
Any suggestions regarding the above mentioned or new suggestions welcomed.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can try Decca77 - On their a la carte and prix fixe menu you will notice there are some nice fish options. But I would definately do the prix fixe - one of the best deals in town.

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      If you're into fish, there are two places that come to mind : Joe Beef (don't make anything from the name, has nothing to do with beef) near Atwater market and Fereira downtown.

    2. I went to Au Cinquième Péché ( a couple of weeks ago with my vegetarian boyfriend and they had more options for him than I would have thought. The (vegetarian) gnocchi was amazing! I also have been to La Colombe as a semi-vegetarian and found I had no choice but to order meat. I'm not sure about fish, though. In both places the waiter spoke some English and at ACP there was even an English menu, though it's not on the website.

      1. There's usually one fish dish on the menu at Le P'tit Plateau but your options would be limited and you'd be best off checking beforehand. La Colombe is even more meat-centric. Neither establishment has a website.

        Brunoise shouldn't present a problem. The current menu has several seafood and vegetable appetizers and two seafood mains. The English menu is on their website.

        Au Petit Extra's current menu has several non-meat apps (warm chèvre cheese on a salad, salt cod and potato purée, fish soup, marinated portobello with Bufflone cheese) and three mains (seafood pot au feu, mustard-coated tilapia fillet, linguini with tomatoes and clams). The menu changes daily/weekly but the current line-up is par for the course.

        Other possibilities: Le Poisson Rouge is a mainly fish BYOB resto on Rachel north of Lafontaine Park. Quality can be variable but when it's good, it's a great deal. Jun-i on Laurier West is a fine Asian restaurant with Franco-Italian influences and some of the best fish, especially raw fish, in town. The city's many bistros (Leméac, L'Express, Cocagne, Le Continental, Holder, etc.) always have a least a few non-meat dishes. Ditto the many neighbourhood bistros like Au Cinquième Péché, La Montée de Lait, Le Margaux, M sur Masson, Le Jolifou, Les Trois Bouchons, etc. Was at ACP last Friday, the day after they'd trotted out their new menu: besides the gnocchi that roarlaura justifiably raves about, they had scallops and rainbow trout among their mains and starters of lemon-cured gravlax on pine needles and an amazing compote of endives on a chestnut shortbread cookie topped with Valbert cheese and drizzled with chicory caramel. And though I've haven't tried the current iteration, earlier versions of their pan-fry of snails and mushrooms have been wow-worthy.

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          If Brunoise is on your list, don't hesitate. Ckeck the menu on the web beforehand, and as long as it suits, go! I've never been disappointed by a meal there, and have yet to meet anyone who was.

        2. Add Bronte to your list for vegetarian. If there are no $$$ restrictions Milo's (on Park Ave) for fish, of course. Lezvos on Mont Royal (don't go to Lezvos West on Decarie) is also a good fish choice. Do you like Sushi? Wakomono on Mont Royal is reasonably priced and offer some good meal choices in addition to top rate sushi.

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            Thanks all for your suggestions.
            We ended up going to Brunoise last night and we were very definitely wouldn't have been a place we could have found on our own. The food was delicious and we did not have trouble with fish/vegetarian options on the menu (although there was a small piece of foie gras in our amuse bouche...most would be delighted I'm sure :)) The waitstaff were very pleasant and helpful and the meal was very well paced.
            Also went to Olive and Gourmando and had great paninis there - stopped by this morning and picked up some olive bread, chocolate bread and a piece of brownie to take back to Toronto. I wish we bought several brownies and the olive bread almost didn't make the ride home it was amazing!!!
            Thanks again!

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              As I mentioned awhile back in another thread, Lezvos on Mont-Royal is no more(another Greek grilled fish establishment has replaced it). The owner sold it, but he still has the Lezvos West location.

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                Is Wakamono really that good? I haven't been there since the year it opened because I was less than impressed by the sushi. Although back then, they touted themselves as a noodle joint that just happened to serve sushi.

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                  If you're willing to go full-vegetarian I would highly recommend Chu Chai. Superb vegetarian Thai cuisine on St-Denis.