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Mar 20, 2007 07:53 PM

The Jerk Hut - Front/Sherbourne

It looks like a nice small mom and pop place behind the Rabba's at Front/Sherbourne. Anyone been?

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  1. Went there for lunch just after it opened - had decent chicken curry (Bone in).

    1. I also had the curry... agree that it's decent. Mr. Seedling had chicken roti. Again, just fine. Prices are good for what this is... pretty okay fare. Definitely not gourmet.

      1. I've been to the Jerk Hut about half a dozen times since it opened in December, and have tried the jerk Chicken and Pork, and the boneles Chicken Roti. I've found the quality to be consistant from one visit to the next,and the food well portioned and always satisfying, although at first I was a little disappointed with the level of spice. I've been a West Indian food fan for many years, and look forward to a little afterburn in the taste.

        Of course, you can always add extra hot sauce if you want more heat, while I have found some other WI restaurants' base spice level can be off-putting for the uninitiated. The Jerk Hut's mixture of sweet and savoury elements with a mild-to-medium kick of peppers makes their dishes very accessible to anyone who has been afraid to try West Indian food in the past. Hopefully this will help to broaden The Jerk Hut's customer base.

        When The Jerk Hut first opened, their menu was quite limited: Jerk chicken & pork, Oxtail, Beef Curry, Rice and Peas, and sides of slaw and corn muffins, but have lately expanded to include several varieties of roti, curry chicken and goat, and I believe one or two seafood dishes.

        The facilities are quite small from a customer standpoint, as they identify themselves as a take-out restaurant rather than an eat-in establishment, which can only help business as they continue to expand the menu. The kitchen area is huge in comparison to the order/waiting area, as it should be. The larger the kitchen, the more variety on the menu. I hope they start to include other side dishes such as fried plantain or some traditional desserts.

        There used to be another wonderrful Jerk/Roti place nearby at Princess and Esplanade, but, sadly, they closed up about 6 years ago, and we have been hungry for a return of this cuisine to the neighbourhood for some time. For me, The Jerk Hut fills the order nicely.

        1. My wife and I have been to the Jerk Hut a number of times, starting with the first week it opened. In our experience it has been decent and pretty consistent, with friendly fast service and good prices.

          The first few times we had the jerk chicken and pork dinners, and I still think those are the best. The dinners come with great peas-n-rice and the large ones also come with a small cornbread and a coleslaw. The last time we went they finally had rotis, so we split a chicken and a veggie one. The rotis tasted okay but I have to admit that after our (extremely short) walk home they were very cold inside, which made them not as appetizing as they would have been. They were sitting in metal warmer bins so I think they may not have been exactly piping hot when we got them.

          Also, I agree with HogtownRich on the spicing... I was surprised to find their food not very spicy at all. One time the guy gave me a little container of hot sauce on the side, which was fine but still not really that spicy (and I'm by no means a spice junkie). But the food is tasty, which I think is more important.

          Overall, it's not a place I'd recommend driving miles to go to, but it is a great addition to the neighbourhood and I hope they do well and keep expanding the menu.

          They have a website at