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Mar 20, 2007 07:17 PM

"ground beef"-80%-95%

ok, i'm ready for the truth, or does anyone really know?

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  1. Who knows, but at some point you have to trust. Ground beef is one of the few things I am willing to buy at WholeFoods at their interesting prices. If they say 95%, I take their word for it. I also buy ground lamb there.

    1. Ground beef that is not labelled with a % fat content or as "lean" other words simply as "ground beef" or "regular ground beef" is usually 70/30 and is the most value-priced.

      Sometimes ground beef is labelled by the cut it is ground from. Chuck would yield about 85%, round 90%, and sirloin 95% or more.

      The actual amount of fat left remaining after fully cooking actually starts to level out after around 20% if you drain and especially if you blot. Obviously, if you are not fully cooking the meat, that's not so true.

      1. Might be real, but I can bet it cooks up kinda dry. The fat is what makes red meat juicy.

        1. I don't know why anyone would want one with more than 85% lean. Not only will you end up with dry burgers, but they won't have a whole lot of that traditional "burger flavor" which is what we crave..

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            It depends how you like your burgers cooked. I like to leave mine medium rare, bordering on the rare side. For this If ind that 90/10 works ok...anything less than 80/20 gets a little nasty, since not nearly as much of the fat cooks out. I also typically use ground bison for burgers which is about 90% where I get it, and that works out just fine for me.

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              Also, I when I make chili, lean ground beef tastes good enough and doesn't leave puddles of oil floating at the surface.