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Mar 20, 2007 07:09 PM

AWESOME Asian burrito (at Momofuku Ssam)

I finally tried the ssam to realize it myself - David Chang is very talented and innovative. Who would have thought to put edamame and kimchi puree inside of a tortilla?? The original ssam, although pricey (about $10) bursts with incredible flavors that blow my mind. I can't believe Mr. Chang is able to invent dishes that sound so odd but taste very good and sell pretty well. I couldn't afford to have this wrap that much (when you can get a banh mi for $3.75?), but it's definitely worth trying.

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  1. FYI, ssam are a typical Korean street food, and many Asian countries have burrito-esque foods. But I'm sure Momofuku's are better than most =).

    1. Next time try the $12 banh mi!

      1. Agree with your comment about Momofuku and Chef Chang in general, but I have to say that the ssam is actually the most ordinary offering they have in Momofuko - wait, I am not saying that the ssams do not taste good, but non-ssam, non pork bun dishes taste GREAT. I like their vegetable and offal dishes the most, and the ham is also delicious!

        1. I think I would have really enjoyed the 'burrito' as well, except for one thing. The hoisin sauce (I *think* that's what it was) that they added made it WAY too sweet for my taste. Next time i will definitely ask them to omit it.