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Mar 20, 2007 06:35 PM

Best Park-Slope-ish dinner?

I see that there's a Brooklyn version of Restaurant Week at the moment. As a Manhattanite, it's unfamiliar territory to me, but I'm suggesting meeting up with some people. Of the places on the list, any opinions on the best options for Park Slope/Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights for dinner?

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  1. most of the good ones tend to get sold out rather fast. not sure who's participating but if you can score a reservation to applewood, i think youll come away mighty impressed.

    1. In Brooklyn Heights, the best by far would be the River Cafe, but they are offering lunch only. However, you could combine with a visit to nearby DUMBO (Jacques Torre Chocolate!).

      In Park Slope, Appplewood, Tempo, and Blue Ribbon would be my choices. Some of the very best restaurants in the neighborhood, like Al Di La, are not participating. If you choose Tempo or Blue Ribbon you'll be right on Fifth Avenue, and you could check out some of the boutiques and other restaurants along the street. Enjoy your visit.

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        Palo Santo (Union between 4th and 5th Aves) is another option -- The menu is Latin-inspired and innovative.

        I second Sam's River Cafe vote, though, if you can make it out to Brooklyn Heights for lunch.

      2. Having spent a couple of hours(is that nuts?!) poring over the lists and cruising the internet, the two I'm most drawn to for DIB are Blue Ribbon and Applewood, not only because of the quality, but also their regular prices, because it makes sense to me to use the opportunity to try the more expensive. But Applewood, if I remember correctly, only has specific two-hour seatings, and Blue Ribbon won't do reservations for small parties. Is there usually much of a wait at Blue Ribbon? I thought we'd avoid Friday and Saturday to make things easier.

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          One of my sons worked as a manager at Blue Ribbon until very recently and the staff always rather dread Restaurant Week because they get so mobbed. Obviously NOT going on Friday and Saturday is a very good idea, however. My suggestion: go really early (like 6) or very, very late—Blue Ribbon's whole shtick is that they stay open till 4 am or at least till nobody is coming in at all, so you'll definitely get dinner even if you go in at 10 or 11 or 12. And the bar is a nice place to wait.