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Mar 20, 2007 06:10 PM

Looking for good lunch specials on 9th Avenue

Some of us from the office have decided to get together once a week and go out to lunch together. We are on 52nd Street and I would love some suggestions as to where fellow Chowhounds think are good. Moderate prices please. Today, we wandered around a little until we ended up at Arriba Arriba which was good Mexican. We have been to Q2 for Thai, Roberto Passon for Italian, Afghan House for kebabs and Eatery for sandwiches. All have very reasonable lunch specials and looking for other choices which are in those price ranges. Any recs would be greatly appreciated, as I would love to expand our choices. TIA!

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  1. Uncle Nick's, b/t 50th & 51st, for very Greek food and Old San Juan, b/t 51st & 52nd for tasty Puerto Rican/Argentinian food.

    1. Defintely check out saigon 48 on 48 b. 8 and bway. Vietnamese, obviously!

      1. Vynl near 51st is fun, and the menu is so eclectic there's usually something for everyone. Pretty cheap too.

        1. Grand Sichuan Int'l, 9th bet 50th and 51st- $5 and $6 lunch specials including rice and soup/roll. No mabo tofu, but other spicy options can be found.

          Shimizu on 51st between 8th and 9th has an excellent omu rice (Japanese rice-stuffed omelette) and other lunch specials including curry and sushi (though I've only been for the omu rice).

          Wondee Siam on between 52nd and 53rd has lunch specials as well. The branch further up has the liquor license, though some hounds say the food isn't quite as good.