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Mar 20, 2007 06:07 PM

Quick Dinner - Columbus OH

Driving to Columbus, OH Thursday late afternoon to attend 8:30 PM State Basketball Finals at Value City Arena. Staying at hotel at I-71 and Highway 161.

Should be arriving hotel about 6:15 PM. Where is a good fast place to eat (no chains) between 6:15 pm and 7:45 PM.



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  1. Otani is right near there - on 161 at Busch Blvd. It is a sushi place that I really like. They have a sushi buffet some nights - that might be pretty fast ( There is also a good Chinese place called Guangdong Rastaurant - go west on 161 and go right on Busch Blvd. Sign still says "New House of Mandarin" but it is actually called Guangdong now.

    1. A couple of places near campus:

      Blue Nile (Ethiopian)
      Blue Danube 2439 N High St

      If you plan on parking north of the Schott, you might want to eat at Sher E Punjab at 1140 Kenny Sq Mall

      Another place to try off of 71 on your way down is the Mozart's at 4990 Indianola

      1. There used to be an excellent restaurant in the Best Western on 161, just east of 71. It was called Spain and had Spanish cuisine, of course. I live in Dayton and don't get to Columbus all that frequently, but perhaps some locals can chime in. Is it still there, and still good? The wine manager at Carfagna's Italian grocery recommended it to us a few years ago and we went several times. I recall a fantastic shrimp in garlic tapa and potato tortillas to die for.

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        1. re: Niki in Dayton

          It is still there. It was very good the last time I went, but that was a couple years ago. One of the owners recently hanged himself in the liquor locker (or cellar, or whatever) in the restaurant. It was in the paper here and was really awful. I haven't been there since that happened. I hope the other owner was able to carry on and keep the place going. It is still open.

          1. re: Lauren in OH

            The precise name of the restaurant is "Spain's", according to the hotel website. Note that the Best Western is *west* of I-71, not east of I-71.

            Best Western Columbus North
            888 E Dublin-Granville Road
            Columbus, Ohio, 43229-2416, US
            Phone: 614-888-8230

        2. I'd go to Thai Lagoon. It's at 1001 Schrock Rd, which you get to by going north on busch blvd (about a half mile west of 71) and then taking a right onto Schrock. The restaurant is inside of the Quality Inn on the right-hand side of the street. It's some of the best thai in Columbus and they also offer a chinese menu.

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            I am so glad to hear from someone who has tried that place! I loved Restaurant Midorei that used to be in thatlocation and have planned to try Thai Lagoon. I have to go now!

          2. North Market is open until 7 on Thursdays. I drive through Columbus once or twice a year and always, always make sure to stop off here for a bite to eat (plenty of options, including vietnamese & indian) and to load up a cooler with dry ice & Jeni's ice cream (which is insanely good, like, someone made a deal w/ the devil good...). I also stock up on salsa, too.