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Mar 20, 2007 06:00 PM

Good pho' in Marina Del Rey/Culver City area?

Hello !

I don't know of any good Pho' restaurant in this area. Tell me I'm wrong.

Would be nice to have some for lunch every once in a while.


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  1. Hm, I know of *a* pho restaurant a bit north. I've never eaten there, but it serves pho and it smells like pho from the outside. It's on Santa Monica between Federal and Barrington I believe. On the same block as California Roll Factory. I forget what it's called, sorry.

    A coworker summarized it as, "Overpriced, but about the only place near Culver City that has pho."

    I think an average bowl of pho there is around $7.

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      I have been to this place. I think it is called Little Saigon, but I may be inventing that. They have good pho in a flavorful broth. I often go to Red Moon on National just E of Sawtelle, but only because it is more convenient for me. Their broth doesn't have enough flavor. They serve Vietnamese & Chinese food. I think their Chinese food is better. Nice and light and fresh maybe because of the vietnamese influence. But it's worth trying if it's close. There is also a place at Venice Beach called China Beach on the corner or Venice Blvd. & Pacific. I haven't had pho there ( I am assuming it is on the menu since it is a Vietnamese restaurant), but I have had some other things that have been pretty good. Those three are the only places I know of in the area.

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        I have been to Red Moon. Unfortunately, it was not very good. :( Will try the place you two recommend.

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          Yum4fun, your best bet is to go even further if you're going to drive up to SM blvd. Go to Pho 99 on WIlshire Blvd. At all of these places, you'll be paying Westside tax+gratuity. Average bowl is $7.

    2. In addition to the places others have mentioned, there's a place called Phoreign (groan when you get the pun) at 2123 Sawtelle (formerly Hanoi Cafe across the street) It's serviceable, not great. I think it's on a par with Le Saigon on Santa Monica and Pho 99 - which is to say that they're ok if you're desperate for a local pho fix - with Red Moon and China Beach a step below.

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      1. re: Miss En Place

        Oh! I remember going to that place now. Yeah, it's not that great. They say they're serving pho, but it's like pho without a soul. The broth tasted salty and watery and not very flavorful.

        On the plus side, they do serve vegetarian pho if you ever need to dine with the veggie folk.

      2. I think everything mentioned are all of the pho options available on the Westside. In terms of taste I'd rank them as the following:

        1. Le Saigon (not Little Saigon) - fresh and tasty, but broth is not very complex; overpriced and cash only
        2. China Beach - very sparse on accompaniments and a rather small portion
        3. Pho 99 - not bad but kind of "conveyer-belt" pho if that makes sense

        Red Moon and Phoreign I think are the worst of the bunch and I wouldn't go there. If you're willing tolerate the 405 freeway, you've got Pho 999 and Pho So 1 over in Van Nuys which are both very good.

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        1. re: TracyS

          I like Pho So 1 for dinner/weekends, but it's too far to go during my 1 hr lunch break. I don't think I've ever had the pho there, though. I usually order the bun or mien.

          6450 Sepulveda Blvd. #C & D
          Van Nuys, CA 91411
          (818) 989-6377

          7231 Reseda Blvd
          Reseda, CA 91335
          (818) 996-6515