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Mar 20, 2007 05:43 PM

Help with real Thai in Seattle

Bear with me. It's been years since I've been in a Thai restaurant in Seattle-- got tired of how inauthentic the food was. (I've had much better luck with Vietnamese.) But today I found myself at lunch time in Madison Park, so I went into Thai Ginger. Ordered the basic noodle soup; was asked how hot I wanted it. Said the very hottest. Waitress said: "Four"? I replied: the hottest. She giggled.

When it came, true to form, it had no heat in it whatsoever. Zero. Zip. When I paid the bill, I remarked upon this. All I got was that typical Asian giggle again.

Is there ANY Thai restaurant in Seattle that serves food the way customers request it? And yes, I've been to Thailand many times, I know what it's supposed to taste like . . .

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  1. Thai Kitchen (top of Queen Anne), a reliable delivery stand-by for me, brings the heat. Usually order a 2-star and it's HOT. If you go with a 4-star you should be quite pleased, as tears of joy & pain roll down your face!

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      Thaiku is pretty good about spice and authenticity. I've had wonderfully, painfully spicy som tam there.

    2. I really like Kwanjai Thai in Fremont. I have never asked for the 4 star though, so I'm not sure how seriously they will take you. I get medium hot and it usually comes with a good amount of heat.

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        Kwanji is good because if you ask they will bring the little tray of condiments with sambal, thai chiles in fish sauce and chile flakes if you need to trun the heat up. Thaiku in Ballard has a similar condiment tray.

        1. This is a timely post because I just ordered Thai food this weekend from Phad Thai at 8530 Greenwood Ave. N. I ordered Tom Yum soup - 3 stars. It was so spicy that I really couldn't finish it. I think I'll opt for 2 stars next time but 3 or 4 at this place might be what you are looking for.

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            yeah i've had phad thai kick my butt when i've requested 2 stars, particularly on the very delicious steak salad. i don't know what your tolerance is but i would give it a shot. cause the flavor is good too, not simply spicy. they also deliver within the area. (greenwood, phinney ridge, crown hill, etc.)

          2. Two words: Thai Tom. It's far and away the best Thai place in Seattle. 47th and the Ave in the U District.

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              Thai Tom has great food, but terrible service. Sitting at the counter at an off-hour can be an enjoyable experience... because you're served directly by the cook and get to skip the wait-staff. Otherwise, I avoid Thai Toms.

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                Great food? Thai Tom. I beg for sanity, but no, there's nothing great about this restaurant, its food, or its service.

            2. It's worth the trip to go to Noodle Boat in Issaquah (on Gilman).

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                I second the Noodle Boat rec - best Thai food I have had in the area, hands down. Call before you go, though - IIRC, they kind of have unusual hours.