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Mar 20, 2007 05:41 PM

Kultura - Food anygood?!

Received an invitation from a friend to give Kultura's tasting menu a try this weekend. How's the food? Any standout dishes?

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  1. The food there is so so. But provided that it is relatively inexpensive, it is good value to dine there. I love the atmosphere which is trendy and hip. I can only recommend the Tandoor Beef which I find is pretty good. The other dish I tried like the the Lobster Ravioli and Fish and Chips and the dessert are not bad. But the lemon chicken is sub par.

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      My experience at Kultura was great.
      Friendly staff and good food. Music was right on and great ambiance.
      Highlt recommend.

    2. I think the food is very good there. I liked the jerk chicken risotto... and you should give their unusual chicken samosas a try as well. Definitely a great place to go to with friends to try a bunch of different dishes.

      1. We held a private corporate function there -- and we all had really good food. It was a few months ago, and there were several dishes served, so I can't remember everything. The only thing I remember people commenting on was that dessert was disappointing. But everything else was fine.

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          Yes, I just went there a couple of weeks ago, everything was pretty good, except the dessert menu wasn't very appealing.

          For my experience on last visit, you may go here: http://www.carbonxiv.com/?p=715

        2. Go buy some President's Choice products and save yourself the $100 Bucks! - I'm very serious here!

          1. I thought the food was pretty good, the service staff was too cool for school, and the decor tries too hard. Worth trying once I guess....