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Mar 20, 2007 05:33 PM

SF- Updates on Piccino in Dogpach - Pizza, BB coffee, apple popovers & what else?

Any updates on this small restaurant owned by a former staff-member of Pizzetta 211?

If nothing else ... whether people like it or not, it seems that the coffee gets universal thumbs up. They use Blue Bottle coffee and Jamie who was a barista at the Linden Blue Bottle is making the drinks as well as the house-made yogurt, preserves and granola.

I guess 'piccino' means small in Italian and the restaurant is in a tiny space with a brief menu.

There was a mention of apple popovers. Does anyone know if these are always on the menu? I'd go there just for some good coffee and popovers despite what is supposed to be an abysmal parking situation.

House-baked pastries like scones and fig foccaccia sound good. Anyone tried them?

Is anything available for breakfast except baked goods?

Supposedly the braised meats are good and the wine is reasonably priced. According to this old report the food is local and organic . Lots of staff background.

I'm only finding a brief mention on Chowhound

Nothing on the website but address and hours

Picture of exterior and the cappucino with the heart


801 22nd Street(near Tennessee St
)San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 824-4224

Sunday - 8:00am to 3:00pm
Monday - Wednesday - 7:00am to 3:00pm
Thursday - Friday - 7:00am to 8:30pm
Saturday - 8:00am to 8:30pm

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    1. re: cjp

      Thanks. It wasn't in Google yet and I don't regularily follow blogs. Cool, a place to get Fatted Calf.

      Didn't say much about breakfast though. The dark chocolate and black pepper cake sounds good though.

      The above link seems to go along with what I've been reading about the pizza. Also seems like lots of people are saying what was written in the chowhound post...

      "The hand-formed plates are exquisite. But when did Dogpatch become quite this expensive (expect to spend $15+ for lunch, especially if you want to try the wild nettle soup, and you do)? ... Pizza was respectable; not quite Pizzetta 211 but every item is made to order. Could have used more sauce, or salt in the crust"

      Supposedly pricy for small servings. So it seems that paying for quality has to not bother you. Being small the prices are probably reflecting that too.

      1. re: rworange

        Since the quote above is mine, I'll respond to your "paying for quality has to not bother you" comment.

        The issue isn't quality as much as budget or value. I don't routinely spend $20+ per person for lunch at a cafe--for an individual pizza, a spoon or two of soup, and a cappuccino, let alone in a part of town better known for warehouses and housing projects. We also weren't dazzled by the pizza, although we were hopeful given the care given to everything that the toppings might match the crust.

        Now that they're open for dinner with the same menu, the prices are a different story. And it's great news that they've hired Brian. Acre's loss.

    2. We were in the neigborhood a couple of days ago and stopped in for lunch. In general I agree with the other reviews--it's a nice little spot. I had a panini with thinly sliced apples, carmelized onions, and aged cheddar. Cliched? Perhaps, but there's something to be said for a very well executed classic, which this was. I didn't think that the portion was particularly stingy -- 4 sandwich "halves" on smallish bread -- especially considering that it was under $7. My husband had the Napoletana, which we both liked a lot--the red sauce in particular, which isn't usually my favorite pizza topping, was perfect. The black olives and anchovies added just enough saltiness, but didn't overwhelm. The crust was fine--I'm not a fan of the Pizzetta-style extra-thin crust, so I still prefer the crust at A16 or Delfina. But for it's type, it was fine. The only disappointment was the lemon cookie I tried for dessert--too dry and bland. But, then again, it was only a dollar for two of them.

      I agree that for lunch, this is a bit pricey--including a latte and a $5 glass of wine, our total was about $30. A nice once in a while kind of place, although if I worked closer I'd probably come back more often for the sandwiches. The prices seem to be about the same at dinner, which might make it a better deal then.

      And, of course, the coffee was stellar--in addition to Jamie, they've hired Brian, who used to work at Cafe Organica and then the Blue Bottle cart at the Ferry Plaza. All in all, it was a lovely place to hang out on a beautiful spring afternoon.

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      1. re: Emily Hope

        Hard to argue about the price once you back out $5 for a glass of wine and couple of bucks for a latte. Now you are looking at 22ish for what sounds like a better than average pannini and a Napoletana pie along with dessert. Additionally, Dogpatch is an improving and thriving neighborhood and will most likely see more interesting spots like this appear.

        1. re: poulet_roti

          For dinner, I completely agree--great deal. For lunch, that's a little steep for me, most days (and the pizza is definitely a one-person deal--you couldn't really share it and come away full). But, regardless, I'm really happy that it's there, and it does indeed seem to be an up and coming neighborhood (we're actually thinking of trying to move over there in the near future!).

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I believe my margerita pizza today was around 9.25 or maybe 8.75 - nothing unreasonable in my opinion.

              2. re: Emily Hope

                So I went to Piccino for lunch today...hard to imagine that it could have been better. I had the margerita pizza done to perfect, good tomato sauce, not overly acidic but sweet in a good tomato way as opposed to sugar-like sweetness. Dough was very thin with the crust being well done and crunchy. Total bill was $13 for the margerita pizza, aranciata and cup of drip coffee to go. Highly recommend the place.

                1. re: poulet_roti

                  Did ... did you see apple popovers anywhere on the menu?

                  1. re: rworange

                    Did not see the apple popovers on the menu but then again, I am not a big dessert person.

          1. My husband and I had a really lovely dinner at Piccino a couple weeks ago. Everything was very fresh, locally grown and unique. We had a nettle soup which was kind of like eating the essence of green-ness. It was very light with bright flavors. I have never had nettles before and really liked the flavor.
            We had a salad with a kind of blue cheese that I had never had before as well as some kumquats, oranges, fennel, and romaine. We also had the Pizza Nepolitana wihch had a great sauce and a nice spiciness too it. I am a fan of the thin crust pizza so this was right up my alley.
            For dessert we had this amazing thing, which I think was called zuppa de chocolate. It had layers of chocolate pudding and creme anglaise and sponge cake and a liquer. It was definitely a lick the plate kind of dessert.
            Since we went there I know they have started expanding their menu to include a couple entrees. I am looking forward to going back for more.

            1. I stopped in Piccino on Saturday morning after eating breakfast at Just For You. Looked at a menu to check for apple popovers, which were not listed. Cooks and coffee guy were very busy and I didn't ask.

              Second time at Mabel's Just For You, second mediocre experience. The food is merely okay and the service is bad. No coffee or water refills--inexcusable in such a small place. Could not flag anyone down. The biscuits are horrible.

              1. My Piccino experiences have been so-so. I work in the neighborhood so I've eaten there a few times. The pizzas are very, very thin. I'm a small person and I could easily eat two of them. The last time I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich and it was almost translucent from being covered in so much oil. Still, the pizzas are really tasty and it's terrific to have another option in the neighborhood for lunch.

                The coffee, of course, is fantastic.

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                1. re: Mmmonica

                  Okay, so I went to Piccino for the 3rd time today and for the 3rd time, it was excellent. Last two visits were take out for lunch pizzas. Today, had the special pie of sausage and a vegatable that resembled chard although I could not exactly recall the name. Excellent pie, cracker like crust, perfect for lunch without leaving you overly stuffed. This place is a home run.