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Mar 20, 2007 05:33 PM

detroit food - one cheap fast meal

I'll be in Grosse Pointe Sunday afternoon/evening and I may have a chance to sneak off and try some real Detroit food. Where can I go in that area? I'd really like to try the pizza, but just a slice. I'm not a big fan of coneys and I haven't had enough middle eastern food to know the good stuff.

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  1. can't help you on the GP front, but if you're willing to make the 20-25 minute trek down Jefferson to downtown, you must have a coney dog @ Lafayette.

    1. Detroit has a unique style of square deep dish pizza made famous by Buddy's Pizza. The original location on Detroit's east side (17125 Conant, corner of East McNichols) is open til 10pm on Sundays. But there is also a Buddy's in Grosse Pointe (19163 Mack Avenue corner of Moross & Mack, at Pointe Plaza) open til 8pm on Sundays. The web site is