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Mar 20, 2007 05:18 PM

Vietnamese in Rhode Island

Where do I go for the pho? or is it fo the pho?


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  1. Pho Horn, Shaws Plaza, Pawtucket- Providence line. Best by far of 3 places I have tried. Hard to believe in that location.

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    1. re: atheorist

      seconded. I've only been once but preferred it to Pho Hons on Reservoir, Pho Paradise or Phonatic, although I appreciate Pho puns.

    2. I recently went to Phonatic, off Thayer in Providence. The pho was great, as was the shrimp crepe. It's BYOB, so definitely an affordable option!

      1. Pho Horn in Pawtucket, Shaws Plaza. Is a leap better than Pho Hons or Pho Paradise.