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Pregnant and desiring a cinnamon bun

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I live in Brooklyn and work on 53 and 7th. Willing to stop along the way to work to get a fabulous cinnamon bun. Where? Hopefully somewhere where I can jump from the N or D trains. Thanks!

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  1. Go to the Hell's Kitchen outpost of Amy's Bread (not sure the exact location, in the 40's near 9th). So good!

    1. Sorry. Chowhound is apparently acting a little funny tonight!

      1. a little further north, but check out bouchon bakery in time warner center

        1. A little out of the way as well, but 'wichcraft on 46th/5th. Very good cinnamon buns, but a little pricey for the small size. http://www.wichcraftnyc.com/ The home page has rotating pics, one of which is a closeup of the bun.