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Mar 20, 2007 04:07 PM

Help finding Ulster Fry

Does anyone know of any Irish pubs that serve this in the DC metro area? Any help is appreciated!

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  1. O'Faolain's in Sterling serves a "Traditional Irish Breakfast."

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      Fado offers something very similar, but I don't believe what's listed is similar to Ulster fry. You might want to try calling the Irish Channel pub in DC, they don't have their breakfast menu on their web site.

    2. Had this this past monday at Fado (7th and H st NW). Never had a bad one there. It is listed as an irish breakfast and is served all day (I actually don't know the difference between Ulster Fry and an irish breakfast but I think they are close). At Fados you get two eggs over easy, beans, grilled tomatos, black pudding, white pudding, ham, sausage and soda bread. Price is $11. One of my favorite meals in the china town area. It is served all day.

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        I guess I was misinformed as to what an Ulster Fry is. Per wikipedia: "A traditional Ulster fry consists of bacon, eggs, sausages (either pork or beef), the farl form of soda bread (the farl split in half crossways to expose the inner bread and then fried with the exposed side down), potato bread and tomatoes. Other common components include mushrooms, baked beans, wheaten bread and pancakes. All this is traditionally fried up in lard." This is indeed pretty similar to what I have seen served as "traditional irish breakfast" in most Irish and faux-Irish pubs that serve breakfast...minus the lard.

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          With the exception of the soda bread, it sounds pretty much like a traditional English breakfast.