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Mar 20, 2007 03:53 PM

TN: 2005 Two Hands Gnarly Dudes Shiraz, Barossa

A deep purple color with a supple nose of plum, chocolate,small berries and white pepper. The palate has nice weight and mouthfeel with blackfruit and herbal nuances, finishing savoury with overly sharp acidity.

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  1. "overly sharp" - that's a con, yes? but, not enough so to make it unpleasant? Just trying to get the hang of reading these things, thanks.

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    1. re: abowes

      Essentialy, yes. the acidity is prominent but not unpleasantly so. A great wine should be in perfect balance, fruit, acids, tannins. This was a nice wine, one that I would drink again quite happily.

    2. Something that would be helpful is an opinion about whether or not it justifies the pricepoint (which I know varies slightly).

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      1. re: A Train

        I tend not to look at the retail pricepoint, I look at how good the wine is, which is one of the factors affecting demand which in turn affects the secondary market price. To me, as a wine auctioneer, I know that wines costing $80 retail will level out to $15 at auction and visa-versa. Pricepoint is relative :-)