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Mar 20, 2007 03:47 PM

Any suggestions in the Harrisburg area near the interstate?

I am meeting someone for lunch on Saturday in the Harrisburg area. We are both driving 1-1/2 hours to meet in the middle, he from the north on I-81 and me from the south from US-15. I've seen some recs for Harrisburg restaurants, though they mostly sound like they are in the city. Since neither of us know the area, I was wondering if there is a casual, inexpensive, but chow worthy place where we could linger somwhere easily accessed from the highway. Any ideas?

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  1. Cafe Magnolia is just off Route 15 in Mechanicsburg, just a short drive from where I-81 meets the 581 Expressway. There food is quite good. (


    Sophie's on Market is a nice, casual cafe to hang out in. She makes a wonderful array of pastries and sweets and some of the best sandwiches in the area. I can't recommend it enough. It's right on Market Street in Camp Hill, which turns into the Carlisle Pike when it intersects with 581. Very easy to get to from both your routes. (

    1. First, if any of the city places look good to you, don't be deterred by their distance from the highways; downtown Harrisburg is only about 10 minutes from I-81 and about 3 minutes from US 15. That said, you may have a hard time finding an appealing place open for lunch downtown on Saturday.

      For someplace outside of Harrisburg that is right off 15 (but north of Harrisburg) and maybe 15 minutes from I-81, you should see if Micheal's (yes, that's the way it's spelled) on US 322 in Duncannon is open for lunch on Saturday. Terrific food in an unlikely location, and you will definitely be able to linger.