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Mar 20, 2007 03:33 PM

how can i find breadfruit flour or canned breadfruit???

desperate chef in los angeles will be eternally grateful! please help!

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  1. Try contacting Le Sanctuaire in Santa Monica, they might be able to get it.

    1. Have you also tried Surfas? They're usually a good supply for hard-to-find foodstuffs.

      1. Have you tried 99 ranch market, mitsuwa or any other asian market? How about an asian restaraunt supply company?

        HEre's a link to the info on the next All Asian Food Expo in LA-I think it's in September this year. Vendors are thick on the floor there:

        1. Check out any Jamaican grocery store. They all carry it.

          1. Crispy deep-fried breadfruit chips -- MMMmmmmm