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Mar 20, 2007 03:30 PM

Sushi South

I am looking for some place south of the River with good sushi. Not life changing just solid, fresh sushi that I can pick up or quietly dine on at the bar.

I went to Maru after seeing it recommended here, and it would fit the bill if it was a little closer to where I live.


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  1. I think in the Maru thread you said you're at I-35 and Oltorf, right? Probably the closest place to you is Umi, at I-35 and Stassney in the shopping center next to Blockbuster. It' you said... not life-changing, but passable.

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    1. re: jwynne2000

      Umi is the closest sushi to my office. I dine there about once every two or three weeks, based solely on convenience.

      First off, the service is extremely iffy. I could give you various stories about this, but they would merely bore you.

      Second, the pricing is out of whack for the experience. I can name five sushi places in Austin that are both cheaper and better than Umi.

      Third, their squid salad is pretty good, and fairly affordable. Enjoy!

    2. El General, I feel your pain. While I can point you to entertaining sushi (DK's / Sushi Pimp, next door to Evita's Botanitas) in Far South Austin, I cannot point you to anything delicious.

      Uchi is south of the river, and is pound-for-pound the best sushi place I've ever patronized. If you haven't been there yet, give it a shot. If you're alone, dine at the sushi bar. Several of the chefs will steer you towards the tricked-out specialty entrees. While these are delicious, they are also expensive. Insist that you love fresh fish, and they will eventually guide you to delicious nigiri sushi and sashimi; I'm not sure about their sources, but they claim that they receive daily airborne shipments. For sure, their fatty bluefin tuna and/or tuna cheek blows the doors off every sushi place I've ever been to in Los Angeles (where I used to live), San Francisco (where I vacation routinely), and Hawaii.

      Finally, if you discover any delicious sushi in Far South Austin, please let me know. I used to live in the SoCo region, and before that in North Austin (nearby Sushi Sake, Musashino, and Mikado), so I'm completely jonesing for tasty fish bites.

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      1. re: tom in austin

        I can second the vote for Uchi. Even though you specified "not life changing" and "sushi", I'd say that while their sushi is possibly the best in town, and certainly the best south of the river, the rotating non-sushi specials often qualify as life-changing. They do things with foie gras that I've never dreamed of (in soup! delicious!)

        1. re: karrieleague

          Seconded: Karrie is correct. Uchi is your friend, and is basically an automatic success as far as a delicious outing is concerned. Given the price, you should expect that! But many other expensive outings in Austin will not match Uchi's deliciousness.

      2. I guess boxed sushi from Zen and HEB do not fit the bill :)

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        1. re: Tigole Bitties

          I actually go ahead and eat the California Roll at Zen in a pinch, but that ain't really what I am looking for.

        2. i've never been but i heard Umi is decent.

          austin sushi map here:

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          1. I have been to Seoul on South First, and although they are a Korean Restaurant, their Sushi was good quality and tasty (No Uchi or Musashino to be sure, but competent) The price was reasonable as well. Its on South 1st near William Cannon. Their Pork Bulgogi is also quite good, although, we are talking about Sushi here.

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            1. re: Homero

              Seoul is great! It is a small place in a strip mall that seems out of place for a sushi resteraunt however for the price it is hard to beat. No its not as good as Uchi however the price is a lot more reasonable and it has a more casual feeling. I would highly recommend checking it out. Mike's roll (fried) is great.