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Mar 19, 2007 01:29 PM

Burgers at Five Guys [from Boston Board]

I had a Five Brothers bacon and cheddar in Atlanta, about two weeks ago and it was cooked to medium well I'd say. It was ok, but nothing amazing; certainly not as good as In-and-Out.

Most of my burger-cooked-to-order experience in the South has been in GA, but I've traveled and eaten over most of the Southeast and didn't notice a problem with ordering as I wanted. The problem is that in many towns, the cooks are too inexperienced to cook the meat how you wish (more for burgers, not steaks as much).

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  1. I think you mean Five Guys. FWIW, I agree that it's certainly not as good as In-and-Out, but one here would easily trump Uburger, Wild Willy's, or Krazy Karry's for the Boston area's best "fast food style" burger.


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    1. re: BJK

      Correct, I meant Five Guys.

      1. re: Dax

        Easy mistake, they ARE brothers (maybe 4 brothers & 1 father?).


        1. re: BJK

          Thanks for the correction BK.

          As for the better than Five Guys-Uburger observation, I'm not sure whether I agree. They seemed pretty similar, both juicy, medium cooked, hefty burgers. The two points of difference I experienced were the freshness (UBurger always cooks at the time you place an order. Five Guys handed me a burger in two minutes.) and neatness. The Five Guys burger literally disintegrated on the first bite. Not that I didn't eat the whole dripping mess anyway :)

          One of these days I will try In N Out. That is something to look forward to.

          1. re: Bob MacAdoo

            My experience at both has been limited, (2 visits to Five Guys, 1 to Uburger) so maybe I've just been luckier at Five Guys or unluckier at Uburger.


            1. re: Bob MacAdoo

              When I ordered from Five Guys (the one time), they told me it would take at least 7 minutes to cook the burger and it did.

      2. I wasn't impressed.
        Was in DC recently with the family, and having read about 5 guys on chowhound, and wanting cheap decent eats to take a group of teenagers, thought it would be ideal. Maybe it was this particular location (in Georgetown), but the fries were almost inedibly salty, and we all found the burgers to be nothing special - I believe the word my wife used was "tasteless"

        I was expecting it to wow me, based on chowhound raves, and I was very disappointed.

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          Five Guys varies a lot by location. I have never been to the G-town one but I have had some that were great and some that bordered on inedible. The one near where I wrok (rte 1 in laurel) is pretty good but one near my home in Baltimore (Centre St.), I'd skip completely.