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Mar 20, 2007 03:24 PM

Leffe Belgian Beer in L.A.?

Anyone know of a bar that serves Leffe (my favorite beer in the world)?

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  1. I asked the greeter at Village Idiot about Belgians and he said he wanted Leffe but Anheuser Busch was starting to distribute it and there'd been some snags. I checked (because of this post) and it's true, A-B is going to distribute Leffe, Hoegaarden and other InBev brews. I hope this will signal wider distribution with no loss of quality.

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    1. re: keaton

      both f.o. and the other room have it. it's pretty common, for a belgian that is, that and duvel.

      once you have the desire to try other belgians, the stuffed sandwich in san gabriel is an exceptional place to try.

      1. re: keaton

        The Daily Pint on Pico at 23rd is also carrying Leffe plus several others on tap at the moment. There is a greater selection in the fridge at the back as well.

      2. The Library Ale House on Main Street in Santa Monica has Leffe on tap. It's a nice place for a casual dinner anyway. Lovely atmosphere on the back patio.

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          never been on the back patio but yeah, good dinner too, turkey meatloaf, garlic mashed pots. strawberry and goat cheese salad, not shabby.

          supposedlyt they also have a 14 dollar burger, but never did try it yet.

        2. Lucky Baldwin's in Sierra Madre usually has some on tap. If they have it, I'm sure Pasadena has it too but I'd rather be at the Sierra Madre location.