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Mar 20, 2007 03:18 PM

Madison dinner before theatre

Four ladies taking in a Madison Rep performance at the Overture Center Saturday night seeking a nice dinner before the 7:30 PM curtain. Any suggestions? It would be nice to park the car once and walk from the restaurant to the theatre.

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  1. Haven't eaten there, but the Orpheum has a nice looking menu, and it's right across the street!

    1. Depends what you like, but I've heard nothing but good things about Old Fashioned for comfort food WI style. For something less heavy (on the plate, not on the wallet) there's Fresco, right in Overture. Or for something about as stylish but not quite as skilled, there's Crave (good drinks, OK food).

      Wherever you go, it would be fun to hear how it turned out!

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        Just fyi, I don't believe the Old Fashioned takes reservations, which might be a problem on a Sat. night with 7:30 curtain.

      2. If you like Mexican, try Frida Mexican grill. It's a block up State St from the Overture Center. We had a great meal there last weekend - fresh, warm tortilla chips, crispy flautas and, of course, excellent margaritas!

        117 State St

        Here's the website:

        1. For a nice dinner close by, I like to go to Le Chardonnay right down the street. Great seafood. Orpheum is also a good choice, but would be my second. Haven't been to Fresco yet.

          Le Chardonnay
          320 W. Johnson St.
          Madison, WI