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Mar 20, 2007 03:01 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in North Cambridge?

I'm trying to plan a rehearsal dinner for around 40-50 people in the North Cambridge area. We're looking for something affordable but nice, preferably with a full bar. Frank's Steakhouse can't accept that large of a group on a weekend night. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Weekend nights could be a little tough for that size a group. A couple possibilities with decent food at about mid-price range or somewhat higher. American style food except where noted:

    North Cambridge: Elephant Walk (Cambodian/French), Changsho (Chinese), West Side Lounge
    Arlington: Flora, Tryst
    Somerville, Davis Square: Gargoyles
    Somerville, near Inman Square: Dali (Spanish Tapas), Evoo

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    1. re: bachslunch

      These are great restaurant choices, but there's no way many of these places could host 50 people for a sit-down dinner, even if you could take over the whole place: West Side Lounge seats 25-30 at most, Evoo maybe 40 if you really packed it in Gargoyles likewise. You'd have a hard time taking over any of these places on a weekend, though...

      You might want to look into La Spina in Davis square. The food is decent and a good value, it's a very large room, much larger than it seems on the outside, and it was desolate (4 of ~25 tables) on a weekday evening. The service was very poor, though.

      Failing that, catering would seem like a good option.

      1. re: DavisSquare

        Good point regarding how much seating some of these spots can accommodate. It would depend on how tables are configured and, in a few cases, whether they'd be willing to set the whole place aside for the better part of an evening. I'd guess not likely, especially on a weekend night, but what they hey -- you never know unless you ask.

        My thought was to first approach it by thinking "where would I want to eat" and then calling them to see if they can/will provide the venue. Stranger things have happened....

    2. You should try Elephant Walk. I went there for a rehearsal dinner a couple years ago, about 30-40 people. We had a private room in the back, which was nice. I believe there was a special menu with a few items to choose from, including some more standard items for people that might not be into the French/Cambodian thing.