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Mar 20, 2007 02:40 PM

Sushi Advice

Hoping to get some sushi advice. Taking a friend out for dinner who loves sushi - yes even raw but has allergy to many shellfish but will eat the tuna, salmon....... I am a whimp (I admit it) and tend to eat very traditional sushi/japaneese.
Looking for a nicer Sushi restaurant that would make us both happy. Have been to Edo, love Ninki - want a nicer place. IE Sushi Kaji looks a bit too "scary" for me. Advice??

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  1. well what do you mean by traditional? Meaning the avg cuts you see at any sushi restaurant here (ie. catering for n. american tastes). Or are you referring to traditional as in edomae sushi.

    if you want quality but more pedestrian cuts, then le cafe michi is a good choice. It's the sister restaurant to Kaji-san's main operation, with a lower price point. There is an a la carte menu and also a $45 omakase option. The omakase's offerings aren't exotic by any means (standard maguro, sake, ika, etc), but the quality/freshness is there.

    1. I like the one at Yorkville.
      Sushi Inn- nice fusion taste (by that, I mean lot of smooth mayo taste)

      Also, I forgot the name...(might be Azuka or something)
      It's one street north of Sushi Inn. That place has the best sashimi

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        Not sure if this is the place to recommend. It is good, but average. It's ranks along the lines of all other bento/sushi places. I consider this place good for a quick lunch. Good portions and easy on the pocket book. I would recommend a place up in Richmond Hill called Miyabe if you want good, fresh sushi.

        1. re: soulchild143

          sushi inn has ritually served me frozen fish. and i don't mean pre-frozen, but frosty and crunchy on my plate. their freshness and quality is to be questioned.

          i will offer that the one below stairs has been exceptional with service.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Yeah, the sushi at Sushi Inn is scary. They manage to make California Rolls tasteless. I don't understand why it's so popular, maybe because of the cost. (CHEAP)

            1. re: Teep

              I have been served a Spider roll made with an uncleaned crab, burnt tasting terriyaki sauce and honeydew melon distinctly flavoured with cleaning fluid. Don't go to Sushi Inn -- ever!

        2. Omi on Church St. The omakase usually includes many very good cooked dishes and amazing raw tuna.

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          1. re: h2o

            If you mean nice as in decor, then Nami is quite pretty. However, if you mean nice as in superior quality of offerings in a relaxed atmosphere (you can wear jeans, blues music background) then Omi's your place. Omi serves what I consider to be sushi comfort food.

            1. re: h2o

              How much is the omakase at Omi?

              1. re: Little T

                Sorry i see it on another thread $65.

            2. I'll suggest Japango

              Don't be detered by the decor. It is small inside, but the food and the staff are amazing~
              If going wtih omasake, just tell the chef about your allergy, he should be able to accomodate.

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              1. re: oohlala

                I don't know what your budget is, but my personal favourite would be Mikado on Laird St. just south of Eglinton. A lot of these other Japanese restaurants in GTA I have been to are run by Chinese/Korean. Mikado is run by Japanese. Foods are authentic. But you will have to pay for their quality. Lunch is usually around $20 for a dish. Personally, I spend around $50 every time I go. Their foods are addictive.

              2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I too do not like Sushi Inn, so I think I will have to try
                BTW - went to Sushi Supreme last night. Causual, at Yonge/Eglin but very good quality, and we had a great time at the sushi bar. Worth trying and very reasonable!