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Mar 20, 2007 02:30 PM

Fleur de Lys SF

My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary. Does anyone have any thoughts on Fleur de Lys?

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  1. Great place for an anniversary celebration! Fantastic food, nice decor...

    1. I had an excellent experience at Fleur de Lys. The service, food and atmosphere was all top notch. I don't think you'll be dissapointed with the experience.

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      1. re: Mr_J

        My favorite restaurant in the city. Where we have anniversary dinners.

      2. You have very good taste.

        1. Perfect choice! Just went 2 weeks ago for my birthday. It's tied with Gary Danko for me for high-end dining in SF. French Laundry still takes the cake for anywhere Bay Area of course. :-) Have a great time!!!

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          1. re: mrsricho

            What are the prices for the prix fixe prices there? i believe there are several courses to choose from, is that right?

            1. re: pinkfog

              I believe you can choose between 3, 4, or 5 course menus for $70, $79, and $92: (the prices are several pages into the menu).

              Anyways, we had a great dinner there at Christmas time! We were lucky enough to have the sommelier introduce us to Chef Keller, but even without that we were very pleased with everything. The cheese course was not great, but the service was excellent and all the rest of the food was very good, my favorite being the baeckeoff of foie gras.

              1. re: coolbean98

                Yeah, I think it is worth it to get the cheese course, but it isn't a 'must' -- you need to get at least four courses (both a meat and a fish course). The vegetarian menu is also usually excellent.

                1. re: coolbean98

                  Ah, I see it. I never looked carefully at the dessert page as I'm not a sweets person. Thanks.

                  1. re: pinkfog

                    I'm not either so I got the cheese course, but in retrospect I probably should have gotten the dessert. My dinner companions loved the signature Fleur Burger, and I've had better cheese plates elsewhere. Another friend (albeit a big dessert person) recommended their butterscotch souffle, but this was not on the menu when we went.

            2. I've always enjoyed my dinners there . . .